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So someone summoned Uunna for me so Baa'l was weakend. I defeated him no problem and it said i got Baa'l the darksign. Though in my pet journal it tells me i don't have Baa'l? What is up with that?
did you actually use it? should be in your bags.
This was bugged for me. Sent me to the us site first and managed to beat him :P
1: If your completed (hug edition) Uuna doesnt say anything.
2: Go to SW, turn WM on (or turn it off if you have it on)
3: HS to your old garrison.
4: Dismiss Uuna if you have her out.
5: Fly yourself all the way to FFR where Baa'l is (no not use FP)
6: Stand on him and summon Uuna
She does a funny little senario thing. then he got shrunk and I could defeat him.
Before that I even got a friend with a finished Uuna to come, and it did nothing >_<
Honestly how has this not been fixed already?

Seen people talking about this bug for over a month now.
The long chain of tedious tasks to get this pet are unfortunately shattered by a broken interaction which can only be triggered through what seems to be sheer luck and "trial and error".

Some things that have worked for other players are:
Relogging, Toggling Warmode on and off, disabling all add ons.

These are not 100% reliable though and do not work for everyone.

I've tried everything that everyone has mentioned to no avail, guess I won't be getting my Baa'l pet I was so excited for.

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