Never ending supply of Junk

As the title says:

Why is it that every useless grey item that has absolutely zero purpose in the game finds itself clogging up your mail. Items that are literally not worth the time to vendor them for the measly amount of silver they'll give you; I'd say hop in a time machine back ten years ago, but even then it wasn't worth your time.

Be it NPCs from questing or old raid bosses, people tend to take what they need and leave the rest. It's left for a reason - We don't want it. Yet constantly our bags are filled with the crap.

Please, sort out a way of excluding pointless grey items from the mail system. Thank you
you sell those for gold. pretty good for casual players
Better question is - why do these grey/white items have such sweet models while some transmogable ones look like poop.
selling greys is how i make all of my gold.
Useless greys? They are treasures according to Blizzard and their crap treasure boxes.
Everyone with a little respect for themselves should be running autorepair guild>self and grey-selling addon(s). Just passively running in background.
You wanna know why we have so much junk ? Jani shenanigans
Another time gating thing blizzard has implemented in the game... Just so you use up your time to go to the damn mail, cleaning it up, and resumes whatever you where doing.. GREED GREED GREED
Like my loa always says...
"One mon's trash be another mon's loa!"
If they'd added the vendorprice of the items to the amount of gold in the chests people would have complained that they "only contained gold" instead.

If they'd added greens and stuff, people would have complained about that.

If they'd added epics people would have complained about that.

if they'd removed the chests entirely, people would have complained about that.

05/09/2018 02:54Posted by Sùnbro
selling greys is how i make all of my gold.

Solo draenor mythics once and you will make more gold than you will from greys collected over 10 years

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