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About us
<Be Humble> is a semi hardcore progression raiding guild on Ravencrest [A] freshly formed for Battle for Azeroth. Brought together by the interests of gaming, a group of cutting edge experienced friends from many different guilds have banded together to conquer the many challenges World of Waracraft has to face. From pushing high mythic + keys to clearing all content at a good pace, we're sure to welcome you and provide a fun raiding environment for you to take part in. What seperates us from most guilds is that we don't enforce a robotic roster. We consider ourselves to raid as friends rather than the known norm of having a guild enforce the roster of that of a workplace. However, we still aim to be the best we can be and progress at a rate in which we're all happy with, while still maintaining a friendly atmosphere and defeating challenging content. We are currently 8/8 Normal at the time of this post, however we will be continuing into Heroic Uldir this Sunday and forwards.

What do we expect of you?
- Be online, prepared with appropriate flasks, food buffs, potions and consumables 15-30 minutes before raid invites are sent out.
- A pretty solid attendance record around the 95-100%.
- A thrive to learn, commit, experience and progress.
- The ability to take onboard constructive criticism when necessary.
- To be social. This is one of the main reasons we have made this guild. We don't communicate only when we have too, but when we want too. We want every member of our guild to be comfortable to log on, join discord, and have fun; regardless of the game.
- Knowledgeable about your class, spec, rotations, gems, consumables, stat priorities, BIS, and any other features about your class that should be mandatory to a player looking to perform at a high level.
- Doing things your asked to do in preperation for raid; researching boss tactics, looking through logs, etc.
- Have the eagerness and drive to perform well on an alt instead of just one main character. This is not a must, but being confident in multiple specs/classes gives us more options for raid setups. Also, it's more fun!

Raid Times
Wednesday - 19:00-23:00
Sunday - 19:00-23:00
Monday - 19:00-23:00
(All times are in server time, and as stated before, you are expected to be online 15-30 minutes before this time as invites will be going out).

Aims for the beginning of BFA
- Cutting Edge Uldir before the release of patch 8.1.
- Mythic + keystone boosting.
- Mythic + keystone pushing.
- To be well established, have a core raid team, and have an experienced team to see through the remainder of BFA, going into the next expansion.

Classes we're currently in need of
Tanks: FULL
Healers: OPEN. Any exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current guild members.
DPS: OPEN. Any exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current guild members.

Any questions, enquiries, or for a chat/application requirement, please contact
Andrew#21611 (BTAG)
Sierraa#1130 (Discord)
BUMP! Full Heroic clear and 1/8 Mythic tonight in 1 hour less than what we planned! 3 shotted, considering the first attempt was a blind pull and the second a DC, I don't think it was a bad attempt!

Good job to everyone who was there tonight. Still on the lookout for exceptional applicants! Tanks are still closed, however still room for Ranged DPS and healers! Message me in game or just give me a little nudge in discord!

Zek'Voz Mythic falls just before reset! Got an hour on Vectus to see the fight and it's looking promising getting him down to 60% within the space of 45 minutes.

Still on the lookout for any exceptional players that want to be a part of our raiding team.

Tanks are currently full however if any healers or DPS would like to apply, just add me!

Andrew#21611 - BNET
Sierraa#1130 - Discord

Raid now consists of a full heroic clear (for dem titanforges) and 4/8M all within 3

Fetid Devourer is proving to be a challenge.

On the lookout for RANGED DPS! Give me and add on discord or in game for a chat!

Andrew#21611 - BNET
Sierraa#1130 - Discord

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