Exploit currently working in Drustvar

This annoyed me so much. I was questing there and that bunch of guys were aggroing and tagging all of the mobs there. It was hard to play normaly there or do quest with the hawk because I got stuck in combat becaue of those guys.
Instant respawn farms are now exploits too? nice
AoE farming has been in the game since its beginning, Tyrs Hand being a grand example where you just pulled with Serpent Sting and basically stood at the same spot the entire time. (Could be done by any class with a ranged ability - which Rogues had back then, too)

So this isn't an exploit, whatsoever.
Its simply farming.
01/09/2018 00:21Posted by Silenthit
I won't give the precious location for abvious reasons

01/09/2018 00:21Posted by Silenthit
Edit: And for picture proof :https://imgur.com/a/bbv8ICI

01/09/2018 02:52Posted by Bitterborn
Instant respawn farms are now exploits too? nice

Actually yes. Blizzard have banned people for doing this but usually for levelling. They'll probably hotfix it at some point but I dont see bans being handed out just for a mount.
I don't care about the exploits, but I like the drama that ensues as a result on the forums.
damn questers slowing down the farm
So since it seems like Blizzard is not reacting to a forum report, il push it into here so it will hopefully be noticed.

So there is currently a spam on the Forum server, where topics are spawning almost instantly on a general close to the other topics in Forum, which makes it possible for people to spam the hell out of them, mostly getting trolled and other flames from it.

I won't give the precious location for abvious reasons, but plz Blizz, can you stop these people or else the forum is gonna fall even lower.
If you didn't know then there are pirates at the Daelyn's Gate spawning like cockroaches. And they all drop loot.

The problem is you can only do it while leveling I think. Just stay near allied guards and they basically kill these pirates for you for free.
Noticed this whilst levelling, just got on with the quests there. People seem far too eager to moan about the slightest things these days.
It's NOT an exploit. Farming mobs is NOT an exploit. You, or I, could get an entire raid group going and comb the entire zones repeatedly and accomplish very much the same.

An exploit is abusing a bug, or a glitch, to your advantage in a way that is not intended by the game's design.

This thread screams "X class is better at farming this area than me I don't have a chance."

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