Best race for hunter ?

Im really thinking of race-changing this hunter, but I cant decide what race to change it to, Im thinking of either worgen, nelf, Velf.

Im mostly thinking of animations and such.
Night Elf master race
Human is the best race don't change it
I might have suggested nelf but human would make sense until you have desired rep grinds completed.
Depends on. Highmountain Hunter + farming professions are very good
Blood Elf. Obviously.
panda is always the answer when you wonder the best race
on alliance side, human is the best. maybe kul tiran Will be good too.
In terms of fitting in with lore and such, dwarf or nelf.
Night Elf has a double feign death with Shadowmeld.
Also the female animations look ... realistic.

Void Elf looks nice too, but there are not many dark-coloured sets for mail to match their skin tone. So if you don't mind the stark contrast of transmog, sure.
Not Worgen
Gnome. Once you go gnome you'll never go back.
velf or belf
Well, belf if you !@#$... otherwise even gnomes are more straight
please dont go velf they arent real alliance they are a stain. worgen and nelf, go for it
Dak aion doff
No dwarf or horde, cant stand dwarf animations.. and not horde because i dont like plsying horde
02/09/2018 13:08Posted by Izila

You look awesome and I completely agree

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