Class design is utter trash in BfA

Battle for Azeroth Class Development
I know that its in no way helpful and that i should at least provide some feedback and examples but its so terrible and videspread I don't even know where to begin.
What have you done to this game?
Blizzard think if they make the game easy enough buy pruning and slow the game by adding GCD on everything they will get more customers and People will enjoy the game more. Sadly they are the only ones that actually believes that :)

It have gone so far that they have prune most iconic spells from classes. Like devouring Plauge from shadow priests. Even that forums are full of this kind of topics they dont care. They only prune more :)

I have never seen a company that ignore there own customers like this..
I just want cata or MoP back.
Agreed. Sometimes I cling on to the hope that they have purposely made it !@#$ so we get super excited when they make it good again, but tbh I think they are actually happy with class design and don't intend to move away from this boring %^-*
At the end I just think change of talent design philosophy was the very beginning of class design becoming trash it is today. There's just too much muddle between new talents, pvp talents and templates/scaling and legiondaries/artifact traits last expansion. Its a nightmare PvP wise, among other things old WoW PvP was really simple to pick up in my opinion comparing to todays WoW.

Why can't this game be just NORMAL. Without stupid "talents on a stick" in form of artifacts and legiondaries/set bonuses? Back in the day we received pretty much a complete character once we hit level cap, and then just improved its performance.
What was wrong with that?!

Why aren't abilities balanced with PvP in mind in first place and PvE afterwards? Why can't abilities function how the tooltips say? Instead we get classes prepared with PvE as default and then on top of this various systems skechy systems on top of it to make it somehow work.
Mobs don't care if some ability will hit them for 80% of their HP. Players will. That's the difference.
sounds about right, and it wasn't so much better in Legion either
I have a split opinion about the class design. There is alot of things i miss about the old systems in Vanilla, TBC and WotlK. The talent system get me very nostalgic, having some cross spec. utility was really nice etc. But at the same time I don't miss it in many ways.

The balance between classes were a mess... way worse then it is now. Some classes like paladins and shamans were basicly only taken because they either were broken for a patch(or two) and otherwise only for utility. Playing any hybrid meant your basicly a healer and stuck there.

Then we had the issues about talents, both the cost and the mess of pve vs pvp options. In the end those talent trees always ended up the same due to mandatory ability skill lines trought each spec tree. There was a few classes who had hybrid trees, but they were special cases and not the norm if you wanted to do any sort of end game content. Sure we have classes with "never used talent choices" in many rows these days, but we used to have entier specs that weren't played once you hit max level unless it was broken for a patch or with certain items. To have talents on items; legendaries and weapon in Legion and now trought the Azerite system are tbh very bad game design. But that don't mean I disslike the idea of talent rows.

I Agree with that classes feel awfull this expansion, but i won't sit and say we need to roll back to old systems. Some classes need unpruning, but overall classes actually function better since legion. BFA is mostly a mess since they can't revert the death of arifacts properly. The GCD change also makes the game play slow... like it was meant to be converted to mobile. The new talent system do however make leveling feel unrewarding, especially around 60-120 about 6 skills/passives over a stretch of half the leveling and it really needs some changes.
Class design is utter trash (sorry but it is). Everything is just slooow and on its way to 2 button playstyle. My spec (enhancement) is basically 1 button spamming.

I play less than i ever had. Gonna quit soon cuz this is terrible. I dont even care for AoC for the first time in four expansions.
the last time I enjoyed some of my classes was during WoD.

Legion was hot garbage and BfA is even worse due to the GCD changes.

sub is running out because I don't think we will ever see the amount of depth classes had during MoP for example.
09/11/2018 19:07Posted by Xoxaxo
the last time I enjoyed some of my classes was during WoD.

Legion was hot garbage and BfA is even worse due to the GCD changes.

could relate... sadly

09/11/2018 19:07Posted by Xoxaxo
sub is running out because I don't think we will ever see the amount of depth classes had during MoP for example.

so did I, game is just not for me anymore (nope, not a burnout of any kind, just dislike the direction this game has taken)

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