Blizzard, please take a stand!

What a huge set-back since Legion. I feel like I have only grown weaker going from 110 to 120. Open world content is only getting harder. As a clothie with huge nerfs to survivabilty (and power!) in BfA, I can barely survive 2 mobs anymore. My voidwalker is useless, it dies really fast and cannot handle more than 2 regular mobs at a time.
I understand the power in Legion got way out of hand and something had to be done about it. But this is such a huge step backwards that it is just frustrating and no fun at all.
Having to depend on other people around in a quest zone so hopefully I can survive the mobs I need to kill to complete the wq so I can advance with the story, yes it's an mmo and it could be expected BUT you removed the tool to easily group up with others too!
Open world content is very challenging. I don't mind some of it to be hard, but sometimes I just want to walk from point A to B and enjoy the sightings around me and not have to fear some mob jumping me, dazing me so I have to fight it.
I'm sorry man, but real life knows fight or flight, why not wow? If I wanted to do real challenging content, I'd do dungeons and raids. Which I was planning, but I changed my mind because the grind to the ilvl I need to enter is too much for me right now.
Please Blizzard, I'm asking you to make a stand here. Do you want wow to be enjoyable for casuals or do you want everyone to be a die-hard min-maxer? What's the goal here? Where are we going?
It’s fine as it is. Nothing needs to be changed.

It’s not meant to be a walk in the park. Just wait till new raid and M+ then you’ll be 1-2 shorting things again.

Problem with the community these days, want everything right off the bat, can’t wait for anything. Patients please.
If you're struggling with world content as a warlock, I am sorry, but you are not playing your spec anywhere near as well as you potentially could.
I've seen a significant drop in power with my paladin. People said the same thing happened in Legion, but back then I felt normal with my survival hunter. Never felt weaker while leveling or when hitting 110, but now is very visible. To the point that Lay of hands has had to save my life 3 times.

I don't think having harder open world content is a bad thing. In fact, if the world is built for it, it could be a very good thing. But starting at a certain power level and then just getting weaker and weaker can be off putting. Add to that being a clothie or not having enough self heal and I can see it becoming frustrating for some players.
01/09/2018 20:36Posted by Revvon
If you're struggling with world content as a warlock, I am sorry, but you are not playing your spec anywhere near as well as you potentially could.

Pretty much this. Warlocks are one of the easiest classes to solo with. Always have been.

You should really try a Shadow Priest, where it is actually EASIER to do WQ's and questing in Discipline because at least you don't get mauled without Vampiric Embrace.
01/09/2018 20:51Posted by Korrina
ut back then I felt normal with my survival hunter.

On Bm at the start of legion just hit 110 my pet would not stay alive if it had 2 mobs on it. With the right legendary and/or more gear it would never ever die from elite mobs in some cases survive better then actual tanks.
What are you talking about?

I can solo 10+ mobs on my warlock easily.
Try demonology for open world maybe.
I noticed a slight period of feeling weak when I was around 310ilvl but it seems to have evened out again now as I've improved my gear a little more.
So many people clearly have forgotten how it is to start a new expansion as your power levels from the previous expansion slowly withers away.

It cannot be said enough. Your old OP gear will help you level faster. But about halfway to cap, or right at cap, you will eventually have replaced all your old gear with new beginner gear and having to regear again.
01/09/2018 20:51Posted by Korrina
I've seen a significant drop in power with my paladin. People said the same thing happened in Legion, but back then I felt normal with my survival hunter.

While levelling in Legion you never had two legendaries and a super trinket while levelling. When they deactivate at 116 you notice. Their ilevel also lasts until 120.

The OP is sub 300 ilevel. He'll be fine in a couple of day when he gets 3250340 from world quests.
I might be doing something wrong, not entirely sure. I have read onestopwarlock website for help and that improved my experience somewhat.
Afflocks were way OP in legion, I fully understand my powerlevel had to drop.
I hit max-level in Legion around the time NH came out, so I really don't know any better than Legion. I'm sure that doesn't work in my favour either.
However, I have never ever had issues before leveling with my voidwalker. He could easily tank packs of 3-4 mobs and never die. Now it dies when I pull 2 mobs. And with voidwalker's taunt (which I know I can turn off auto-cast) it easily pulls more mobs than I intend. I don't like to micro-manage too much. And that's maybe my biggest problem here.
I can fear enemies, but they run away and while I'm quickly casting healthstones (which I forgot to do before giong into a wq..) my demon follows the mob to stay in range and pulls more mobs.
Sure, I can make my demon go inactive so it won't follow the feared mob, or I could run with GoSac (which isn't good, I read) I know what I can do, it's just I play games to relax. Not constantly having to be on edge. I 100% agree there should be challenging zones in open world content, I just don't believe everything should be a constant challenge.

Should I go play my druid or continue level my discpriest so I can have an easier time to gear? I don't think so. I don't mind having more of a challenge as an afflock, I just feel so weak currently compared to how I was in Legion. It will take some time for me to get used to.

EtA: right now though I feel like doing my round of pet tamers which will give my priest 2 or 3 more levels and at least that's relaxing :)
All this talk of players getting weaker as the get better gear is total BS, it's the player not playing their class correctly that's the problem.

It's that or I'm doing something wrong because as my gear gets better combat gets a little easier.

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