Disc Priest and Lock LFG

Twisting Nether

Myself and a friend are looking to join a guild to get into M+ and Raids with. We are looking for raid guilds that are fairly casual are not overly fussed on constant appearances on raid nights, so larger guilds/communities are ideal.

We are looking to be raiding 1 or two times a week, ideally after 8/8:30PM GMT.

Please add/message GaryMFingOak#2411 for more info or post back here so we can talk more.
hi, our Guild Risen currently is raiding Heroic progress/pushing for mythic, and we have a Optional friday raid for Socials and alts in the guild. If you interested in raiding only once a week this sounds like a good place for you. We also do lots of mythic + and have lots and lots of banter :D

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