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Argent Dawn
tl;dr The Fallen Leaf is a neutral multiracial mercenary/paramilitary order that seeks to bring Pandaria up to date with the rest of Azeroth to ensure its independence. The order performs as a mercenary company all around the world to both fund this and to make necessary connections.


A cold and harsh wind was blowing. Shuang brought her brown scarf higher up to cover more of her face from the weather as she sat outside the broken ruins of an old stone warehouse built into a mountain. She could hear her people working inside, sharpening their blades and hammering metal for stronger armour. All in preparation for their final goal.

Shuang and the rest of the Fallen Leaf had spent over two years traveling Azeroth, moving back and forth between continents to aid its denizens whenever they were in danger. Yet despite their noble intentions, they were always followed by misfortune and the problems caused by it. Like a curse it kept striking them down.

This was something they all knew when they took on their journey. There would be danger and there would be both lasting injuries and casualties. What no-one expected was how ungrateful some of the people would be even after being saved from death. They were often slandered, and occasionally even attacked by different groups and factions.

One group in particular had been a constant pain for Shuang over her time leading the Leaf: The Shado-Pan. They had their disagreements, to the point where - according to Shuang - Pandaria would be better off without them. They were too set in their old ways, and too fast to use their authority in Pandaria. There was no-one to stand up to them should they judge someone unfairly.

Shuang gazed before her, watching the canopy sway back and forth. The weather was growing restless, and some of the trees were already shedding their dark red leaves. With a strong gust, a single leaf was torn off a branch right before her. It spun around in the air and eventually landed onto the ground. "The time isn't right yet, the Leaf isn't strong enough to face them," she thought. The wind blew again, and the leaf whirled up, diving down the hill into the training grounds and beyond, where the followers of the Leaf could be seen sparring against each other.

Some say that leaves fall once they have given everything they have to the tree's growth. It is also said that this is where the leaf's journey comes to an end. Shuang thought differently of this; the leaf embarks on one last wayfare - which might take it far from where it first grew - before finally the wind doesn't catch up on it anymore, and it becomes one with the land.

This was the philosophy that originally pushed her from Pandaria to create the order and to aid people. Now it was time for the leaf to return to its roots in Pandaria. The Fallen Leaf would ensure the continent's future.

What kind of a guild is this?
The Fallen Leaf was once a wandering neutral order with a purpose to help those in need of aid; work as heroes for the weak. Now the order has a different goal, which is to bring a change to Pandaria and to help the continent's populace form an army of their own, independent from a single group to rule over them. Instead, they aim for Pandaria to operate under the Celestials, and the mayors of each region.

Of course, these goals are years away from their reach with their current numbers and power, so the focus will be on becoming stronger, larger and more organised as an order. To gain a foothold outside of Pandaria, and in secrecy, inside of it. To do so, the Leaf will operate as group of mercenaries under different aliases, while preparing for Pandaria's future behind the scenes.

The order continues to follow the philosophy of the Fallen Leaf, and enforces a set of rules to make sure everything works fluidly.

What kind of events and RP can I expect?
The Fallen Leaf will be taking part in community events and campaigns with different excuses when it makes sense for them to do so. We will also try to host community events once in a while, on top of which we hold frequent DM events of our own.

The guild's RP focuses on the neutral mercenary aspect in Azeroth, as the order travels from one location to another in search of various kinds of work to do. From an IC point of view, this is done to fund the order's operations in Pandaria to slowly work towards unifying the continent to ensure its independence in the future.

While the Fallen Leaf borders a paramilitary with its size by now, our RP is not very similar to military RP, and could be compared more to an adventurous journey through Azeroth. We also acknowledge World of Warcraft's high fantasy aspect, and take it all into our RP as it is portrayed in the game instead of downplaying it for grit.

As mentioned before, our RP focuses on traveling all around Azeroth and camping here and there, and so we hardly ever visit Stormwind, and as a result this guild is not for someone that wishes to spend their time there.

Everyone can host guild events, but officers/guild master should be informed about the overall idea and content

How do the ranks work in the guild?
Everyone starts as an Initiate, and from there, they will progress in the guild according to their activity and their behaviour both IC and OOC. It is possible to make it all the way up to the rank of a Leafguard without being expected much on an OOC level, but to progress beyond that we expect people to be actively participating in running the guild. This means making events, promoting casual RP, moderating the guild chat and ensuring rules are followed, and eventually taking part in the guild's recruitment.


Being the guild master's right hand, there will be only one Xiake at a time. Xiake is expected to make events if the calendar looks empty, provide random RP for people and handle a part of the recruitment. He/she has similar responsibilities to the guild master's, but only when the guild master is absent.

Sages and Protectors act as senior officers for the guild. Their responsibilities are the same as a Jade Shield's, but on top of this they provide guidance to junior officers, and in the absence of the Master, their word overrules that of a Jade Shield. (Their alts can be recognised from the Officer Alt rank)

_______________________Jade Shield_______________________
Jade Shields are the junior officers of the guild, and their responsibilities include a part of the recruitment, providing random RP for the members, helping with and creating events occasionally, moderating the guild chat, enforcing the guild's rules, and introducing the new members to the order's ways IC. (Their alts can be recognised from the Officer Alt rank)

If Jade Shield is a junior officer rank, the Leafguard is a junior junior officer rank. The rank holds no OOC responsibilities, but instead its responsibilities and duties are all entirely IC. They will be helping the Jade Shields to ensure rules are followed, and will occasionally take command for missions.

Swordsmen are the not so new members of the guild, who have adapted to the order's tenets and methods. They are expected to follow the rules well and give a positive image of the guild.

Initiates are the new members who have passed the interview/initiation into the order. They are expected to participate in the random RP and events (Not that we can force anyone to do it), as well as try to follow the rules to their best.

What are the requirements to join?
Basic understanding of English and RP, and the willingness to improve and take advice are probably the most important of the requirements for us. We also expect you to be able to behave in the game world, and in guild chat, which probably goes without saying.

To join, you may contact: Shuang or Sindaru, or if none of aforementioned are online, feel free to whisper any other member.

As for races and classes, all combinations are welcome to join.

And last, but not the least:

  • Characters in the guild are to be role-played around the guild
  • Be nice to everyone and behave
  • No lolling
  • No ERP
  • No spam

  • Old recruitment threads:
    IC responsibilities of each rank


    Being the Master's right hand, there will be only one Xiake at a time. Xiake is expected to take responsibility over the rest of the Order and guide them. He or she has similar responsibilities to the Master's, but only when the Master is absent. In addition to this, the Xiake works as the Master's advisor in the Order's matters.

    Sages and Protectors are the highest ranking members of the order, and act as guardians. They generally work in leading position in a safe house and are responsible for its logistics and functionality. If there are more Protectors and Sages than safe houses, they assume a group of their own and work in the field.

    _______________________Jade Shield_______________________
    Jade Shields are the field officers of the order. Each Jade Shield is in charge of a group of their own, and lead them in day to day work and contracts. They are expected to ensure the order's rules are followed, and that the members of their group behave in a manner that reflects well on the order.

    The exemplary members, and the elite of the order. The Leafguards have a duty to assist Jade Shields in running each group and have authority over Swordsmen and Initiates.

    Swordsmen are the not so new members of the order, who have adapted to the order's tenets and methods. They are expected to follow the tenets well and present the order positively, along with participating as they would have as an initiate.

    Initiates are the new members who have passed the interview/initiation into the order. They are expected to participate in the main group’s activities, as well as try to follow the tenets to their best.
    Made a new thread since the old one was four posts away from being full, and having the five year anniversary posts here instead is preferable!
    Ya tell me all that the literal second I hit "Add Reply" on that other thread. Yer the salt to my earth, Shuang.

    Let it be known that Shuang forced me to edit this post. Shun the devil, SHUUUUN!

    It's a trap! These people are secretly the evil masterminds behind every single bit of Drama on AD. Open yer EYES fools!

    Honestly though? They are great people. The RP is always fun, the events are always fun and, most importantly, they are just good folks in general. I may not be too active in RP lately (due to a variety of reasons) but I just love chatting with these folks all the same!

    I really hope there are many more years to come with them and for them, no matter what.
    Edit it into your new post, then!!!
    yeah . . .

    Some of my best years RPing came with these people. It was wonderful to start with one character and to see an unexpected twist which resulted in making most of my characters have history with this guild and it's members overall.

    It was always in my best interest to try be an enjoyable RP partner but sadly my mental health hasn't been the best overall for helping me honor that interest.

    It's still one of my greatest decisions ever to have joined this guild. Back in 2014 when I first heard about the Leaf, kept tabs on them primarily by stalking what they were doing here and there, then finally joining in early 2016. Soon-to-be three years. I'm still happy to be part of this community.

    shuang is bad
    I have this guild to thank for the best moments I've experienced in WoW roleplay. The characters I've interacted with, the storylines I've had the privilege to take part in and the wonderful, talented people I've got to meet both in game and in our real life meets have made participating in this guild over the last two and a half years worth every minute.

    Y'all are great people, and great friends.

    To five years more!
    The Fallen Leaf gathered tonight to reminiscent of the past. Inside an inn of Deadwash village in the distant Stormsong Valley they shared tales of their previous adventures and dangers spent side-by-side.

    A long-lasting gathering that went into the night. Some locals, however, seem not too thrilled of eavesdropping.

    And here's the announcement I mentioned before:

    Since currently the guild only has two non-officer ranks, we are introducing a new rank: The Leafguard!
    The exemplary members, and the elite of the order. The Leafguards have a duty to assist Jade Shields in running each group and have authority over Swordsmen and Initiates.

    In essence, this rank is one of only IC responsibility, and will better help us in finding and training people that might one day make suitable officers. The Leafguards will be helping out the actual officers of the guild in running the IC side of things, ranging from giving people tasks and leading them on missions.
    Five years, whew. Some guilds give that feeling of community between members but this is the only one i've ever been with that's actually felt like a proper close-knit group of friends instead. A fair few people have come and gone since the start but even more of us are still here with one character or another. I've had times where i've got restless and considered other guilds but none of them have ever really compared to here and i'm glad i've stuck around throughout them all.

    I'll be at the next meet I swear.
    Our adventures continue in Kul Tiras and this time we were employed to search for some ancient pearls! As it turns out, these pearls are just some intoxicants used to practice escapism in these tough and trying times, as tragic as that sounds...

    Our employer better not monopolize them in the market, nono!
    ”Master, are you sure about this?”
    Budus watched as waves crashed against the beach in Stormsong Valley. It had been several days since Fallen Leaf continued their journey to Zandalar. No one had noticed that Budus stayed behind in Kul Tiras. Or perhaps they did. No one could ever tell what the reason was for actions Budus took. This time was no different. Gnome continued staring towards the sea. Sound of the sea and nearby warhorns echoing through the wind. He was not alone, though. Young black-haired human woman kept sitting next to him, watching as the man she was supposed to protect kept wasting his time on a shore. Near war zone.

    ”Order has moved to Voldun. We should-”

    ”No” Budus said towards the woman. Gnome sighed and continued watching over the sea. ”It has been several months since Argus. I haven’t been able to help the order at all during this time. Not a single time. I couldn’t save Rifael. I couldn’t help Sindaru when she was captured. I can’t even face Shuang now.”

    Woman kept staring at Budus for moment, before she replied. ”If you wanted to have a counsel you could have asked her to stay here instead. You know i hate wasting time for nothing.”

    Budus smiled. ”Eh. You would rather go join the war? I thought demons were smarter than to join war we mortals started.”
    Woman shrugged. ”Better than staring at sea and hoping Horde will kill you. Not that it would be my problem.”

    Most of the Leaf already knew who the woman next to Budus really was. Some called her his weapon. Some a monster. And some, a friend. She and her sister had ”worked” for the Leaf as long as Budus had. It was a mystery why they did. Gnome had used them a lot in the past. Whether it be fight, assassination or intel gathering. Budus would send them. But shortly after Budus returned from Argus, no one had seen these two for a while.

    ”Will you return to them someday. To your order?” Syrah looked at Budus with passive glance. Clearly not caring much for an answer,but being curious about it non the less.

    ”I don’t know. I guess it will all come down to her decision.” Budus said.

    Syrah smirked. ”A mighty warlock. Fallen in love with another warlock. Who left you to rot in the order while she went to scour seas and lands for artifacts. And now you ask for -her- permission. Cute.”

    Budus turned his head slowly towards Syrah, staring straight at her eyes. She knew Budus could easily put her away at any moment, but she didn’t care. She knew she was right.

    ”For someone who is about to have very long holiday you sure are making an effort to ruin it. Did i not promise you two would be free to go?” Budus spoke without a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

    ”Just admit that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Hiding that from your order and your leader is stupid. Shuang probably knew from the start you would eventually go to Nanitiya’s side. We are speaking of a pandaren you have served for over three years now.”

    ”Eh. So you are saying i should just leave the order?” Expression on Budus face grew soft as he looked at the woman.

    ”I am saying you should find your partner and think things through. Order will wait. Or fall. Not that it matters to me. You can go back once you regain your spirit. Or if you get ditched. Again.”

    Budus lied on his back. Staring at the sky and moving clouds instead of the sea. ”And you said you hate giving an advice.”
    Syrah shrugged ”If it means we can stay in the Nether for longer, no.”

    Budus frowned as he heard something. Footsteps. Closing in. From behind.

    He stood up and glanced behind him. Syrah turned around aswell and faced at the direction of the sound. Did the Horde find out they were nearby?

    Young woman appeared out of the horizon, walking towards the pair with bright smile on her face. If someone would have been near their location. They wouldn’t have believed their eyes. Woman was near identical to Syrah who stood next to Budus. Their clothes may have been different,but their faces, their bodies and their eyes were identical. Other feature making them apart was the longer hair that this woman had. Syrah had shorter hair. This woman had long black hair.

    Woman finally reached Budus and Syrah. She exchanged glances with Syrah and looked down on Budus.

    ”I couldn’t find her.” Syrida said towards Budus, still smiling warmly at the gnome.

    Budus looked down. How could he have failed. He had hired worgen to find her. He had asked people from his order to help him. He had even sent two of his demons to track down this gnome while he was busy helping the Leaf. And none of it worked.

    Budus felt something sharp hitting his forehead before he fell down on the ground. Gnome groaned in pain as he started looking at what had happened. Right next to him was small rock with blue swirling image carved deep into the stone. Budus recognized this symbol from very familiar game, but that was irrelevant. He knew what this item was.

    ”She found me.” Syrida spoke at Budus who was still lying on the ground. ”And she agreed.”

    Budus stood up again and grabbed the stone. He looked at the twins who now stood side by side. He felt his heart ache. These two were the demons he had saved long ago. Demons that he had trained since the fall of Black Temple. Demons that tried to kill him once or twice. And now, he was about to let them roam free in the Twisting Nether.

    “It has been a long journey but eh. Stay safe and all that.” Budus nodded.

    “This is simply a time for rest. Our war is still ahead, and we need your help on it. We will keep eye on the order while you are away. As part of our agreement.” It always amazed Budus how twins could speak the same words in same time. It even felt scary at times.

    After saying this, the women turned around. Free to do as they want. To return back to Twisting Nether and ignore this planet they disliked the most.

    “They sure grow fast.” Budus said as he watched the two go. His eyes focused now on the stone, and the rune in the stone. His decision was made. It was time to let go.

    “Eh. I will be back.” He said and smiled. Rune flared into life. Blue bright colour surrounded the gnome and flashed.

    Budus was gone.

    "Small" story about what happened to Budus after Leaf landed to Kul Tiras. Since my courses for future uni studies have started and possible player place in esports team i will take time off from RP. I will come to RP once i find time for it, but it won't be on Budus. He will be back. Someday.
    The Leaf has returned to Pandaria after their rough trip to both Kul Tiras and Zandalar, and will be initially using their time there to rest. They are not allowed a complete peace of mind, though, as concerning reports of mantid gathering azerite have been delivered to the order. This along with whatever other work the Leaf comes across in the near future will be next on their agenda.

    We have also prettied up (and updated) our Argent Archives page: http://www.argentarchives.org/node/139010?
    In the absence of anything interesting to say, I suppose a quick breakdown of what's happened lately is necessary!

    ...We've been fighting some cultist mumbo-jumbo, related to some funky memory magic that is required to break several magical seals around Pandaria. We're making good progress so far.

    I wouldn't know anything about this myself. :eyes:
    16/10/2018 12:47Posted by Rifael
    We've been fighting some cultist mumbo-jumbo, related to some funky memory magic that is required to break several magical seals around Pandaria. We're making good progress so far.

    You aren't secretly trying to get the mists back, are you? *narrows eyes*
    16/10/2018 13:19Posted by Veshj
    You aren't secretly trying to get the mists back, are you? *narrows eyes*
    Would if we could!
    Almost a month since last update, hoo boy! Fret not, the Leaf has been actively pursuing work, even if not so much on the forums. The group took part in a joint operation (with <the Wun Dynasty> and <Ronin>) to venture into the mantid lands to find out what they were up to with the azerite they have been gathering lately.

    The trip was a success with varying levels of competence each day, but with the work done, the Leaf headed to Townlong. There they saved a yaungol kid from a certain death, and after looking around for the missing parents, decided they should find him a safe place to stay, and since none of the local tribes were willing to take him either, the Leaf journeyed to Kun-Lai.

    There was a moment of respite, before an angry yaungol father entered the picture, and the group was faced with a difficult decision that may have resulted in more problems later down the line.

    Now, the group is on the search for a nefarious fel user in Kun-Lai, racing to find them before more sacrifices are made!
    16/10/2018 12:47Posted by Rifael
    In the absence of anything interesting to say

    ...I'll just say we've been here and there in Pandaria - much like the post above me says. We've thwarted the nefarious plans of the warlock in Kun-Lai and now we're enjoying some peace and quiet in Binan.

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