(A) 352 Holy Paladin 8/8 uldir LFG

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey, I'm looking for a alliance raiding guild that clears content in an acceptable phase and that is around heroic/mythic level.

I would love to find a mature and active guild where I can make some new friends since I don't have any friends ingame anymore.

Still looking :)
Looking for mainly alliance guilds. Ready to transfer :)
Still looking
Still looking :) Up again
Hey mate,

Check my post

05/09/2018 18:19Posted by Grate
Hey mate,

Check my post


Thanks mate but don't really want to go horde :)

We've just started raiding Uldir this evening and have aspirations to eventually farm heroic for further progression.

Our age ranges from 25-36 and we have a laugh together in M+ or just generally on voice comms.

If you're still looking feel free to give me a shout on Bnet @ Kintaro#2757
Just added you to real id we would like to have you on our raid roster.
We can talk more in game :)

You can check the guild post here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17621462008#post-1
Thanks but looking for a bit further progress. :)
Still looking :)
ready to transfer and still looking for heroic raiding guild
Our guild needs a good holy paladin to bolster our mythic raiding roster.
<Divided> , The Maelstrom , Horde.
Progress: 4/8 HC and 8/8 normal Uldir.
Raid hours: mondays, wednesdays 8-11 pm servertime.

Guild is attractive in both raiding and social aspects, very successful so far.
I would not consider contacting you if the guild was not attractive enough for you to consider.

Contact me if u want to talk further.
contact information:
btag: Sebastian#23194

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