All island expedition pets should be cageable

Pet Battles
So I was wondering why certain island expedition pets are not cageable?
The reality is that most of the people who will get them wouldn’t mind selling them, and many pet collectors, that are not as lucky, would not mind buying them. Yes, you don’t earn points towards the achievement by buying them, but some of us just want to have them in our collections.

Gotta keep people doing the content all expansion mate simple as that. Blizzard would rather players repeat the same stuff over and over rather than providing more regular content updates.
They aren't??? Oh, god...

Really, in this expansion, you can't throw a stone without hitting something stupid.
For a record: Captain Nibs, Giggling Flame, Kunchong Hatchling, Laughing Stonekin, Mischievous Zephyr and Playful Frostkin can not be traded.

I agree they should make it consistent and all tradeable.

Also, remember poor Nightwatch Swoopers from Dalaran.
Yes make this happen. Or Let us buy the uncageble pet's with dubloons

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