Kor'kron dark shaman set

Hi, idk if this has been discussed already or not.. so sorry if its has been but my phone is trippin

But if been trying to get the Kor'kron dark shaman set from SoO but i just don't seem to get it.. I'm wondering if this is still obtainable in BFA since i have no luck at all it seems..

I hope someone may have some anwsers for me?

Thank you for your time
I got mine in the tail end of legion, so I dont see any reason for it to be removed... The drop chance is really low, and ofc only drops for shamans. For some the attemts to get it have been unrewarding even after several motnhs.
Also got mine mid Legion, and see no reason why drop will change in BfA. It was about an 8 month worth of attempts, so just make it part of your weekly activities and don’t stress about it.

Oh, and Vanadium says, we assume you are running on your shaman for it.

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