Instantly dieing in kings rest

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Last couple of weeks I somehow die instantly on a pack just before first boss and also from either raptor or the jump from last boss. Idk what's going on but it's making me sad. The retri paladin in my group only got lowered to 2/3rd of hp from the jump but I just die. When I click death recap there isn't anything that actually killed me either so......

Same !@#$ happening to me, and also just raided Zul and its happening too, dying from 8k damage hit ..... Please I sent a ticket a week ago, fix it I can't even raid nornally
This is happening in our runs as well
This has happened to me several times today, sometimes this where I somehow die from 100% health to a hit dealing around half my health, and just randomly dying from nothing without even being in combat in the last boss's chamber. I've done the dungeon about 4 or 5 times today, and I've died from "nothing" in the last boss room in all except one run.
Scratch that, I've found the culprit. DO NOT USE SPELLSTEAL THE SHADES ZUL ADDS.
Yeah spoke another mage about this and he said it were those shades too, so if you run kings rest, just put away your spellsteal!

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