(H) Vintage Guild looking to modernise

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Parasite is one of the oldest Horde guilds on Terenas, formed in October 2005. We may even be the oldest! (happy to discuss)

Started back in the complicated vanilla days, members have come and gone, quit and re-joined, traitorously moved to the alliance (and come to their senses) and we have come out the other side, older, wiser and with more wrinkles and less hair.

Unfortunately, we’ve lost a few (well most) members along the way and we’re down to a handful of people, so we want to rejuvenate, regenerate and renew our little guild by bringing in some new (or old) blood! If you want to join an irreverent bunch of oldies for silly conservation, Miffics (with swearing) and maybe even some 10-man raiding, give me – or our Guild leader Bloodnut - a shout. We promise not to demand you raid 5 nights a week and grind on the other two, we like fun people who play for fun :)

We have More Dots! We’ve sung Bananaphone and We Are MC Raiders (we really were). We also survived Barrens chat, PVPed at crossroads and know where Mankrik’s Wife is.

If you got any of the above references you’re almost certainly a good match for us!

Please don’t apply if you’re a drama queen or if you think Mists of Pandaria was the best expansion ;)

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