[H] <Risen> 7/8 HC 1/8 M Recruiting for Mythic

Twisting Nether
<Risen> is a guild formed in Antorus the burning throne for the soul purpose of Cutting edge raiding.
We are Semi-Hardcore and enjoy to raid mythic, Recently we had a loss of members and started recruiting again. We look to be clearing Mythic content by next raid tier with players that have Goals like ours.
Currently we are sitting at 6/8 Heroic Uldir progress and look to be pushing about 5/8 Mythic before the end of this tier.
Currently we are considering all applicants that can out perform our current members. 5/8 Heroic is a must, but players with higher do have a sort of Priority.


Back in Antorus we sold boosts for Normal clears under the name of No Mum I Cant Pause, our raiders earnt lots of gold and we all had a good time doing so, In the near future we hope to come back to this. We look to earn lots of gold, sell quality Mythic + and Raid boosts for a reasonable price.

What are we looking for ?

We are looking for quality, experienced and consistent players to join us.
Tho if you do not share the same goals we wish for, this is most likely not the place for you to join.

Class-wise, we are interested in recruiting...

Resto druid/Shaman
Holy Paladin

Mage of any spec
WW monk
Ret Paladin

If interested, please leave us a message through one of the following ways.
Discord: Cowabunga#8270

Feel Free to leave a message on here aswell, as it is updated and checked Daily!
Our officers can answer any Questions/Problems that you may have.
Hi :-)

How many players are you currently looking for? We're 6 irl friends currently looking for a new home.
Hi Skarlet,
Currently everyone is welcome to join,but if you wish to raid we currently have a maintained 10-15 people in our raids, recently we have had a big growth in members for raiding. When you guys join you would be on trial and have to compete against others for a spot on the raid team. This could be easy or difficult depending on your skill level towards your classes and Raid tactics.

If you wish to be a social with your friends you can add my btag and i can throw you guys a invite.

I also saw you where on a Alliance character posting this. We are a HORDE guild so you guys know.

Btag - Connor#2509
Update on the Guild.
Currently we are recruiting all specs of ranged DPS for our roster, but still 1-2 Spots open spots for melees.
Demon hunter (1)
Monk WW (1)
Hunter (2)
Frost/fire Mage (2)

Paladin (1)
Priest (1)

Raid Times.
Our Raid DAYS stay the same, although the raid times have been changed to be 1 hour later. Wednesday & Friday, 20:00-23:00 (Invites 15 Mins Early and trash is pulled at 20:00 !)

For more Info, or for a spot as a trial, please add Connor#2509 or Yolo#1941 and we can have a chat!
We are still looking for some raiders!

Ranged DPS - Hunter, Mage, maybe warlock.

Healers - Holy Pally, Resto druid, Resto shaman
Hey im a 7/8 HC raider currently, just from forming my own PUG groups.

5/8 Mythic from Antorus.

365 Assass Rogue equipped/ 368 unequipped.
Hey Ptaty, add my btag YOLO#1941. Give me a shout when im online. :D
Mainly on the Look out for healers, tho all will be considered!

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