Confused about Artefact weapons in BFA?

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I've returned to WoW after last playing during Cataclysm. I've just started the Legion content (having never reached Legion before) and I there are a few things I'm not sure about...

I'm about to pick my artefact weapon. I understand that in BFA artefact weapons are no longer a thing, although BFA weapons can still be Transmog'd to look like them. I plan to level in Legion as Balance.

Transmog wise though, I like the look of the Resto artefact skins the most, so I was thinking of taking it with the intention of Transmoging it in BFA. However, if I do this, how would this this impact my Legion leveling experience as Balance?

Is your choice of Artefact weapon in Legion still relevant, or is it only now a cosmetic choice?
As balance you can't use the resto artifact.
You will have to take your balance one if you wish or buy a random green weapon from your order hall.
How ever you can return to pick up the resto one later;
You can have them for all of your specs, you just do the quest to go and obtain them!

The artifacts are spec locked meaning that you can't transmog your balance staff into resto artifact.
Hey Éya!

To answer your question, your first choice of an artifact weapon is only relevant - in terms of game play - through the early stages of Legion. As Ashon was mentioning earlier, each artifact is tied to a particular specialisation: Restoration Druids must use the Restoration artifact, Feral Druids will have use the Feral artifact, and so on.

You'll be happy to know, however, that all characters - regardless of their class - are provided with additional quests that allow them to unlock *all* class artifacts at level 102 :)

If you plan to level up as Balance, I would advise you to pursue the Scythe of Elune as a first step. If you already embarked on the mission to retrieve G'Hanir, the Mother Tree, however, that's not a big deal! You'll be able to rectify the small mistake on your next level up.

Cosmetically, each artifact's appearance (though I should write appearances, as you will find out!) is added to your Wardrobe and can be applied to other weapons - with specific limitations (most notably, you cannot apply the appearance of an artifact to another artifact).

Have fun!
09/09/2018 11:58Posted by Hroardane
(most notably, you cannot apply the appearance of an artifact to another artifact).

Most notably, you cannot use appearance of an artifact while not in related spec.

So while it it possible to switch to resto, transmog BfA weapon to look like G'Hanir, and then switch back to Balance, transmogged appearance will not show unless you will be restoration specced.
Ok, thanks for the clarification everyone.

I noticed that the Feral and Guardian artefact weapons allow me to transmog to dual wielded knives or fist weapons, respectively.

Does this mean that Druids can now dual wield other non-artefact knife and fist weapons in BFA too? Or have they have always been able to? I only ever seem to recall them being able to use maces, staffs and polearms.
In here:
The daggers and fist weapons are on the list, how ever not mentioned which spec.
Only about how most feral & guardian druids use staves and polearms.

I obviously need to log on to my druid, I can't remember these things anymore!
09/09/2018 15:04Posted by Éya
Does this mean that Druids can now dual wield other non-artefact knife and fist weapons in BFA too?

Artifact weapons don't always respect weapon proficiency, and that dual wield is an example of that. While druids always could wield both daggers and fists, lack of agility offhands prevented them from using those in feral/guardian

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