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still looking
Hello there !
I represent a guild called Indomitable that is located on Tarren Mill Horde side.

We are a 2 day raiding guild that raids on wednesday and sunday with an optional raiding day on friday , that focuses on heroic and throws our weight at mythic without going for cutting edge unless it comes our way.

We are currently searching for our last few dps and healers and are open to people both hardcore and new, altough raid spots are only gauranteed to those who perform :)

Here's a link to our recruitment post.

We also have a website which you can check out here.

Would love to hear from you !


Inserted(GM) : Bnet : Anicky#21107 Discord : Inserted#6951
Terra ( Officer ) : Bnet : Terrasight#2821 Discord : Terrasight#758
Thank you for your post, however I am looking to push cutting edges.
Hey there.

Not sure if we are your type of guild as we're not hardcore, but we do go for the cutting edge. If you'd like to we could have a chat and see if we're compatible or not. Either way, I will drop our recruitment post here and you can have a look:

[H][Draenor] <Caedes> is an 18+ guild formed in the early days of The Burning Crusade and is still going strong after it’s recent resurrection following a break for the core. The guilds ambition is to raid mythic efficiently whilst holding on to a good, positive and healthy raiding environment for all our members.

What can we offer you:
We can offer you dedicated, hardworking and fair guild management and raiding environment which keeps the social aspect throughout progression raiding. We market ourselves as a laid back and focused guild for skilled, adult players.

It is important to us and we encourage our members to have an open mind towards improving to become the best player you can be. We emphasise the importance of key elements in raiding such as communication, adaptation, fun and a motivational attitude. By reinforcing these qualities in a guild and raid-wide manner we are hoping to accomplish great things.

What do we expect from you:
We have high expectations from our members, and are constantly striving to push the standard of raiding higher as we progress. However we are also understanding to the fact that most players have real-life obligations like SO’s, children and work/school. With this in mind however, there are certain baseline expectations we have from our Trials and Raiders alike. We are searching for members who are patient and skilled with a high knowledge of their class and a will to improve. We also expect our members to have an unusually high attendance since we are keeping to a two day mythic raiding schedule.

What classes/specs are we looking for:
Melee DPS: Demon Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, Windwalker Monk.
Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman, Hunter.
Healer: Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin.
Tank: N/A currently - will consider exceptional players.

If you consider yourself an exceptional player or you are still interested despite your class/spec not being listed as a priority, we still encourage you to get in touch with us for a chat.

Our raiding schedule:
Wednesday and Monday for mythic raids 20:00-23:00 ST.
Heroic farm raid on Sundays: 20:00-23:00 ST.

Thank you for reading our recruitment message, we hope to hear from you soon. If not, best of luck to you with your search for a guild!

Guild master Btag: Bjorn#21156
Officer Btag: Dany#21552

Officer Team,
still looking
Well, Depends if you're looking to join a team thats still building, or if you're looking for a currently cutting edge capable team. We are building a team made up mostly of older hardcore raiders, looking to make a semi-hardcore team. We need DPS and Healers, we raid from 18:45 - 22:00 ST. <Salutem> Draenor, give me a shout at lettuce#21367 if you want to give us a try, we are willing to add you into the raid so that you can give us some consideration, check out the team and group to see if you like us or not :)
thanks for reply, im looking for horde guild who is already raiding hc and have semi-hardcore mindset like i do
still lf guild, current progress (pugged) 8/8N 5/8HC
Hey Attenka, Sodium Chloride is currently looking for a couple of extra ranged dps to fill out our final roster spots.
Rather than run you through the full spiel here I'll just link our forum post below:

I'll add you in-game later on and see if we can have a chat. If I don't get ahold of you feel free to try me on either discord or, both Math#2386.

prefer horde, can do faction change to alliance if offer is super good
Hi Athenka,

We are on twisting nether and are in dire need of a hunter. Currently 5/8 HC as well and looking to have HC cleared in the next week followed by mythic progress. We are close to building our mythic squad and are looking for players who log well to help us get cutting edge.

Raid days: Wed, thurs, sunday - 8 - 11:30 pm.

Drop a comment or add me Rokhnar#2747 if you are interested.

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