Mercenaries - Looking for Fresh meat.

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Mercenaries – Mercs with mouths!

Mercenaries, a new guild is looking for like minded people.

Who are you guys?

We are all irl friends, most of us having found the friendship through WoW. We prefer a close knit community where you get to know the people logging in instead of seeing them as numbers to fill a group. That doesn't mean we're a one way ticket to gearing up before you make your way to a raid guild. We do have standards and not looking to become a cesspool.

What do you guys get upto?

We're not going to regale you with tales of raiding and world firsts. What we can promise you is a bunch of laughs, a unique guild chat and mostly keyboosting mythic + to max level for that sweet, sweet booty chest on reset days. We're also quite keen on mythic expeditions and might even throw in a Warfront or two.

We work together as a group to provide flasks, buffs, scrolls and everything we might need for succesful M+ runs.

Raiding isn't a priority at all, but we will be throwing ourselves in LFR (Hide The Pain Harold) or organize a pug. However, if raiding is your priority in game, we're not going to be a good match.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Friendly, outgoing people who aren't too ashamed to talk on voice chat, especially during M+. People who understand that there's only a limited amount of spaces in each run and who won't throw a temper tantrum when asked to sit one out. Nobody likes an irl goblin. People who can follow instructions without going into a total panic.

Mostly, we need people who don't carry a chip on their shoulder, who are willing to do some serious team work and have fun doing so. Respect for your guildies is number one, if you have a problem with someone, you talk to this person about and do not regress into kindergarden behaviour of trash talking.

What roles are we looking for?

Ideally we want all roles. We are looking for multiple teams to run at the same time. We are keen to hear from anyone over ilevel 325+. Due to our conversation topics, we're looking for 18+ only. Dwarves get a +1.

How can I get in touch?

Whisper either of the following people for a chat. All of us are on Emerald Dream: Kaer – Calbee – Anteia.
Please come join us. We're lots of fun, promise!

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