357 Warrior LF serious Mythic raiding guild

Twisting Nether

I am in search of a serious mythic raiding guild. I have alot of spare time i would love to focus on raiding progression in a guild that is of the same mind as I am. I am hoping for a somewhat strict environment. My experience with raiding is mostly just the first few mythic bosses cleared because i didn't have alot of spare time. Now i can devote my week fully to raiding and progression. If you want to talk to me you can contact me at:


Cleared: Normal (8/8)
Cleared: Heroic (5/8)
Hi Jynn, Are you still on the search?

Our guild Risen is interested in DPS and Healers currently, and you sound like the right fit for us! we are sat at 6/8 Heroic uldir progress and hope to push into mythic ASAP. We where formed back in antorus and didnt get too much progress (3/8 M). Recently we have been pushing harder to achiv our goal of Cutting edge.
Inside and out raiding, we like to have lots of banter with each other, and have a good laugh. We also do lots of mythic +.

I wouldnt like to make this too long for you to read. But if this sounds like what your looking for then here is my Btag, Discord, and a link to our forum post for more infomation for you.

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