Conquest missing?

Hey, so yesterday i had for some reason 120 conquest in my currency and only 15 in the honor bar i had no idea why but you know some bugs are happening. Today i did few ranom BG´s and the conquest just disappeard from the currecy slot and i kept the lower number in the honor bar.

Did anybody else had this problme or is it only me. Should i do something?

Thanks for your help.
I managed to conquest cap, turn in the quest, etc. My progresses bar filled up.

Today I can't see conquest in my currency tab - the category seems to be gone.

I am trying to cap a friend but his bar is not filling up at all. (PvP mode is on).

With that in mind - Is there some quest that needs to be completed prior to acquisition of the CP? I can't remember doing any specific questline for rated pvp, but I tend to do my quest really fast, without paying much attention to the contents of the quest. Did I miss something? conquest dissapeared around an hour an half ago from my currency tab. Guessing we have to regrind to 500 as nothing i did the days before got added to the progress bar :(
same issue, first it was in my currency tab, then it went to the conquest progression bar, but once it did it became 65 instead of 220 or smth .

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