All nodes are grey

I'm playing on a hunter (currently lvl 83), and I've been having this problem ever since my hunter reached lvl 60. All nodes are suddenly greyed out, which means I DO get XP, I DO get my ore, but I DON'T get a skill up! My mining skill is 212, and no matter where I mine, the node's name is grey. I'm currently questing in Pandaria, but even the Ghost Iron Deposits are grey... where can I go now to increase my skill so that I can also get Pandaria Mining?

edit: Herbalism works just fine, but that skill was 285 before I headed to Pandaria. Flowers were still atleast green before I got to lvl 60.
You need to purchase the mining skill for pandaria. Find the trainer in the starting village.
the 1-300 range is for vanilla only.

Each expack has their own tier and seperate skill range, and skills needs to be bought for each of them.
Odd, Herbalism didn't need me buying the skill, but I'll check it out.
Well, that worked, thanks!

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