Warlock or hunter ?


I'm mostly interested in pve and casual pvp.
Which one is more reliable ?
Why not combine both?

As someone who has a hunter on 120 and leveling this lock,id say go for hunter.I know the track history of each expansiom.Hunter is always in the upper tier when talking about beein competitve.
I would only give the lock and edge if you pug alot,beein a lock gets you an inv insta.
Casual pvp? BM hunter then obviously. And in PvE either BM or MM will always be decent.
Yeah, go for hunter. Warlock has a history of only having one spec these past years and that isn't particularly interesting.
Well if you like destroying your enemies with fel, shadow, demons and disease and watch as they die in agony as you leech their life-force... warlock is the class for you.

If you like cuddly animals and pulling the entire instance with your pet I guess you can be a hunter.

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