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Twisting Nether
Hey there!

Im looking for a casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild. The most important thing to me is having a guild that's friendly, but also likes to give eachother tips on how to improve and do raids/m+ together.

I played since Nighthold in Legion, and when antorus hit I started my own guild. However due to most officers stopping when BFA hit, I decided to look for a diferent guild. I've joined a few guilds from trade chat since then, but I didn't really feel that connection. That's why I decided to make a forum post instead :).

A bit more specifics:
  • Im 25 yo, am OK with 18+ groups
  • I have discord/mic if that's required
  • Prefer to have 3 raid days: 2 progress days and 1 alt/catchup day. Im available from 19:30-23:00 almost every evening, so can raid anywhere in between.
  • At the moment I play a Marksman hunter ilvl 349. However I do plan on leveling some alts (mostly Ele/Resto Shaman)
  • Im from the Netherlands, so also OK with a Dutch guild.

Im not specificly looking for a guild that aims to complete mythic Uldir, because I am mostly looking for a guild I can connect with. So Im fine with both casual and semi hardcore.

I would prefer if you tell a bit about your guild in the comments and we can go from there. However if you want to make it more personal, feel free to whisper me in game if Im on, it will be either on my shaman (Mystshyv) or hunter (Mystfoxy)
Hi/hallo Mystfoxy.

Since yesterday there is a new guild in town called <u need>.
We are looking for any role right now and I do think we fit the description of the team you're looking for.

Please check out our current recruitment page:

Lets talk! eaby#2367
Heya Mystfoxy we are currently look for more hunters for our hc team :)
atm we are 8/8hc 1/8m experienced players , i made my own guild so we need a few healers and some dps to make the team stronger hiht me up if you are interested thx :) btag= Bonsey007#2642

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