Guise of the Deathwalker skin

Hi, i am searching for the Hidden artifact Guise of the Deathwalker skin for twinblades of the deciever. Anybody knows how and if it's still available in BFA?

Thankful for answers.
All of the appearances expect the Mage Tower ones are still obtainable. You just have to find a spot in Suramar where you can farm a lot of mobs and kill them until you get Candrael's Charm. Then you find Candrael Twinshadow and talk to her. She will throw you into the air and there you have to fight a boss, if you fall down back to the ground you have to start the fight again. But at this level it should be pretty easy to kill him. At the end you loot the corps and there it is.
Are you sure the Candrael's Charm can be looted? Farmed forever without it dropping..?
It's random drop. Also I would say check you bags. When I was farming I didn't even noticed I looted it because it's a blue item and I was expecting artifact quality.

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