RBG PVP guild recruiting

Hello, we're a RBG/PVP guild looking for more players. We are especially looking for Balance Druids & Demon Hunters and warrior.We have a fresh and motivated team who just started doing RBG together, we don't have a high rating yet but are working on it.We also got many active high rating and starting Arena teams.We also play World PVP, random bg's and mythic dungeons.
Social players are welcome Pm an officer from the guild or me for an invite to the guild have à Nice day☺
We still need warrior boomy/resto druid and A DK TC !for our arena teams we got some spots left also
We need lock dk dh atm for rbg.any other classes are also welcome
Hello i would like to join. I'm manly interested in BG-s and Arena.
Sure Just pm me in few hours for guild invite
We need mw Monk dk and dh mainly atm for rbg.for Arena we welcome all classes
we need WW monk DH DK atm for arena teams most classes welcome :)
We need lock dh and shaman for rbg.arena team most classes welcome
We are recruiting resto/boomy druid ,rogue ,DK FOR RBG arena teams most classes welcome ,soon other classes welcome for RBG as we will create a second RBG team
We are expanding to 2x RBG team and recruit for our rbg guild .E run on friday and saturday rbgs.we only accept guild people in ou rbg runs .if interested add me flowiepro#2980
Still recruiting most classes.we are expanding
We need mw monk boomy atm.other classes also considered
We need most classes for arena team.high demand for boomy Dh dk and shaman fo rbg teams.silvermoon server only add me flowiepro#2980
<Chilled Out Wargamers>PVP RBG guild recruiting ,RBG's Arenas, Also random Battlegrounds, WPVP,M+Dung/ We got Active 3X RBG Teams and looking to expand more! ArenaTeams all classes welcome !! <<JOIN US TO BATTLE :)<< we run monday mythic + dunguon for weekly chest tuesday RBG team 3 wednesdays WPVP bounty Friday team 1 rbg saturday team 2 RBG
We in high demand for DH fc with dps off spec and Dk for rbg.other classes also considered.silvermoon server only thank you
We are recruiting for our 4th active rbg team need 1FC DK or DH and 1 experience person to lead the 4th RBG team as i cant lead and attend all team due to irl(wive kids etc) thank you add me flowiepro#2980
we need rogue DH lock mage boomy atm thank you
We are still recruiting pvp players from silvermoon to join our ranks

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