[H] Tempus Ultima - Tarren Mill [7/8] Recruiting

Looking for Players – PvE
Current progress
Uldir: (7/8) HC

Raid schedule
Wednesday: 20:30 - 22:30
Friday: 20:30 - 22:30
Sunday: 20:30 - 22:30

About Tempus Ultima
Tempus Ultima is a guild, eager to progress in a stress free environment with people we can call friends. Our main aim is to keep the spirit of the guild in line with that of any game: to enjoy it, with friends, and have fun. We formed originally with a group of 5 (real life friends) raiders who wanted a more clearly defined approach to raiding. We now consist of a small, close-knit group who enjoy getting to know the people we raid with. Having formed on the 22th January 2014, we are almost 5 years old, and believe that we can offer a stable, long-term option with good progression.

What do we expect from you?
A sense of humour is a must, but also thick skin. Our raids are quite lighthearted during farm content and between boss pulls, but when the pull timer is sent out, we expect people to focus. Remember that 'having a laugh' does not mean lazy.

We don't maintain rules for mandatory attendance, but we aim to recruit people who can make at least 2 a week. We expect a positive attitude from our raiders, and we do not suffer elitism or disrespect. If you have a problem, whisper an officer and allow them to address it. We also expect raiders to be working to improve their character's effectiveness whilst not in raids. Be willing and able to show us that you are serious about progressing with us.

We realise that real life issues take priority, but ask for notice if you have to step away from the game for any period of time. This way, if you intend to return, you're not at risk of losing your place.

Currently we need:
Range DPS ( Warlock, Mage , Hunter)
Healers: (Paladin , Druid , Monk)
Others will be considered

Contact and application
If any of this sounds good to you, or you have any other questions, please feel free to add me on Bnet: Sachira#2772 , xDaeva#2333 , Fiestatime#2393
Active post, still searching for new players to fill our roster!
This forum post will be checked on a daily basis.
If you are interested, post your comment with your Bnet tag and we will contact you in game.
Tempus Ultima is still searching for new recruits, if you are a experienced or new player in WoW and would like to join a casual PvE/PvP guild. Please comment below with your bnet tag so we can contact you in game!

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