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Looking for Players – PvE

I'm a little late to the party but i'm currently a 315 frost mage looking for a casual raiding guild. I'm 24/m and from the UK. Most of my raiding experience is from WotLK and MoP but i'm looking to join a friendly group to progress through the expansion with!

I'm happy to use voice of course. I'm probably looking for something around 2 raid nights a week, Sunday and Tues/Wed/Thurs. I will be playing other days but wouldn't want to book myself up too much during the week! I'm also happy to switch realms if required.

We are a group of friends from different nationalities (UK, SWE, NL) that got together during early Legion to start raiding on [H]Frostwhisper.

We raid two times a week, Wednesday and Thursday 21.00 - 00.00 server time.

We need Healers and DPS, if you feel to give us a shout you can contact my guilds leaders via:

Hedges (Hedges#2469)
Dyinggiraffe (Dyinggiraffe#21826)

I'll also put in our recruit message if you wanna read some more.

Team Two is a PVE focused guild, and our aim is to clear the highest level of content we can and - of course - to have fun doing so!

We can offer you a relaxed, friendly raiding environment, members who love to run mythic+ and an active discord server. We have a good sense of community and we hope all of our members join in with that.

We raid two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 21.00 server time until 00.00 server time.

Our aim is to continue to gather a strong roster of quality players that fit with our community going in to BFA. We have plenty of active players still getting involved in raids, mythic+, achievement runs and all kinds of content.

Take care


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