No other talents will be relevant until Echo is a thing

Dear Blizzard,

It is great to see some moves with moving talents around but to be honest, you are wasting your time, resources, and money you could have used on something else.
Moving any talent in the same row with Echo of the Elements is like scrapping the talent. Ele shaman will never pick any different talent as Echo is too important for rotation flow and smooth gameplay. Spec without it becomes slow, and inconsistent.
I am sure Ele shamans would be really happy if they could use the Elemental Blast (most amazing looking spell in game) or Earthen rage (personally I love the spikes flying around), but Echo is just too good and too important.
We had the same situation in Legion. It was 100% go for talent there.
Why can't we just have it baseline? Then in first row we could have exposed elements, elemental blast and earther rage, all viable choices which would have a slight impact on our choices and gameplay.
Having 2 stacks on LvB won't make us OP. It doesn't increase our mobility, but it gives us area to make decisions if I want to use LvB now or for something that comes in 5s. If we don't choose Echo, we are forced to use LvB as soon as it is available. There is no planning, there is action-reaction chain. It is simply not fun nor rewarding.

Tl;dr Echo is superior to any talent. And moving talents to the same row witg Echo kills the talents

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