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Twisting Nether
<Shia Surprise> is a new'ish guild formed within the Antorus Raid Tier of Legion. The Guilds core consists of experienced WoW players who have all achieved curve within Antorus. We are still in need of some more Raiders, but socials are obviously always welcome aswell.
We are currently in need of:
- A Healer
- DPS (Warlock, Mage, Spriest or DK prio)

Abit of practical information:
- We raid from 8 - 11 pm server time on mondays and thursdays.
- We use discord for raiding and general communication, and you'll always be
able to get a hold of an officer on discord, as there's always at least one online.

Our Goal will be to clear Uldir(HC) as efficient as possible while also having as much fun as possible along the way. We're not planning on entering Mythic just yet, but if the roster is looking convincing it is surely a possibility.

So if you are trying to clear Uldir(HC) in a friendly enviroment, reach out to any of our officers, or contact one of the following Real-ID contacts:
- Harou#21225
- Wulf#11354
- Ciggs#2351
- Maldorr#21401
Bump for the above mentioned classes!

Please reach out to one of the above mentioned officers for more information :)
Update and a little more info on the guild.

We are currently sat at 8/8N 2/8HC and are currently starting to progress onto other HC bosses.

Plans for the future are to expand into a 20 man team and look at starting mythic bosses once HC is complete, maybe even before hand seeing as Taloc is so faceroll :)

We are currently in search of:

Range DPS
- Warlock (All specs)
- Mage (All specs)
- Shadow Priest

- Holy Paladin
- Resto Shaman

If you feel like you would be a good fit for the guild, or the guild would be a good fit for you. Please reach out to one of the officers for a chat and additional information!

We look forward to hearing from you soon :)


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