(H) Strong player lf a new home!

Twisting Nether

I'm on the lookout for a raiding guild, which is doing mythic raids at a decent phase, while on non raiding days, there's activity (Arena/mythic+ going on).

My personal goals is to continue getting cutting edges, while being a somewhat hardcore pvper. I've had cutting edges every since Cataclysm, with my last one being in Emerald Nightmare in legion. Guild disbanded back then, and I went to focus more on the PvP aspects of the game, where I also managed to get x3 gladiator titles. 2 on warrior, and 1 on shaman.

Now it's a new expansion pack, and I want to continue with the PvE aspects of the game, by raiding and doing mythic + at a high level. And I feel like my current guild is holding me back, and there's not room for me to improve in that environment.

Current raiding exp:
8/8 Normal and heroic uldir
I know how to solo orbs on G'huun as a warrior.

With that being said, I'm also on the lookout for a mythic + team where I can shine and learn to become a better player, while having goals to get into high end mythic +. It is important that players has the same mindset, and somewhat the same goals.

The days which I can raid is everyday, but saturday, and the times would fit perfectly somewhere between 19.00 - 01.00 CET.

I'm also online everyday for serveral hours always up to do something, either raid, arena or mythic +.

I do have a tank spec, but I STRONGLY prefer to play dps. I've mained warrior since WotLK.

My main current classes are warrior and shaman, but I've also picked up druid and hunter on the side atm. Currently I've got x5 lvl 120, 2 warrs, 1 shaman, 1 druid and 1 hunter. In total, I've got 28 toons lvl 110 and over.

If there's an offer that truly interest me, I can transfer and/or faction change.

If there's any questions, or you'd like a chat --- Please don't hesitate to contact me at:

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