Hope it gets better :)

-Playing since 22/02/07
-Didn't stop till mid Pandacraft
-Skipped WOD which everyone tells me was a good call heh
-Came back for a time just before Legion came out, did about 3 months and let it go again. From all accounts it was a good enough exp.
-Back again around 6 weeks ago just before BFA launched and I've cancelled my sub today, due to end 22/9/18.

Just not for me anymore.

I removed the points relating to why I'm leaving as I'm sure it's all been said a millions times over in more and less constructive ways so why bother crit peoples faces with another wall of text.
I do hope as time goes on the content/bugs/stability etc gets better and wow gets some return to former glory.

Anywho, if you remain enjoy \o

TLDR = https://goo.gl/sYKvYo
all good man hope you find a better more satisfying game to play :)
Started late classic, played all the way till now... Yes also even in WoD.
Been beta testing since Cata beta, and every following expansion since then. This is the first time i am letting my sub run out with no intention of renewing it.

The worst thing is that it is not only because this exp feels unfinished. Maybe it is Blizzards business methods, I dunno. Most of all I cannot really put a finger on what it is exactly, I am just put way off by this expansion atm.

I don't blame the game (though I am very vocal about its state) fun is subjective, and right now I am not having any fun at all.
I'll peak back in 8.1 or something, and hope things will be fun again.

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