Island expedition drops nerfed?

So not too long ago they buffed the drop rates for vanity items from expeditions (pets, mounts, transmog) and I immediately noticed the difference.

The first few expeditions I did awarded transmog pieces and it seemed to be at least 1 drop per 3 IE’s

Today I did 10 and didn’t even see a coin satchel drop.
Was the drop rate reduced again or am I wearing my unlucky underwear today?
Its one of these stealth hotfixes they do sometimes. They probably realized that the drop rate is too high so they nerfed it again.
Considering there are over 300 items you can get from the Island Expeditions, the drop rate should be even higher than it was after the supposedly buff to the drop rate.
Well, i did few today and got 2 battle pets. In Total ive gotten So far around 5-6 battle pets and 2 mail armor pieces, i think its still buffed
I did only one and also had nothing drop, only 4 currency thingies. But I guess I must complete at least the weekly to notice the difference. Last week I had a plate mog head and Poro the pet drop.
hmmm, I wonder...
First 10 I did post buff got me a pet, a toy and a quest item as well a small satchel.
Next 10 got me a couple of small satchels and a piddly rep item.
Well some friends and I wondered the same right after the fix it seemed pretty decend droprate wise, but suddenly we are hardly getting anything again.
~1 item in 10 runs maybe which seems weird compared to the initial fix, but I couldn't find anything about it.
Did 5 today and got nothing lmao. Oh, wait, I got 1 quest item to hand in.
The buff never gave me anything. So it's hard to miss when you only get dubloons.
it would have to be 100% drop rate on an one or more items for me too do that !@#$
the fact that theres over 300 items u could do 1000s of island expeditions and get nothing
I also noticed I wasn't getting as much rewards as I did before the reset.
On one hand I'm upset since I haven't gotten my pets/mounts, on the other the prices on pets are going to rise now and I have a bunch lying around.
Not sure. I got nothing even after ''buff''

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