How is Mage for PvE content?


I have a hard time picking between a Demon Hunter and Mage for M+ spam and mainly PvE content in general.

What is your experiences? Are Mage worth if BfA or is DH better?

PS. I only have these two options, since I don't and CBA to level to 110 again!

Thanks :))
This will be an opinion of a person who has played only mage, but I quite enjoy how I stand in dungeons and raids (no mythic raids yet for me). Frost grants me some great trash cleaning abilities. And if I use all procs I can generate a wonderful dps bomb on any mob. I will never forget being second in a normal raid group by dps.
Yeah. As a Demon Hunter you are melee and it's very stressfull as melee in higher keys (imo). Ranged has the full picture and staying in the back. As a Frost Mage you also bring a nice slow on the trash.

But my concerns are following:

DH = You are able to tank and has instant queue for dungeons if no friends are online. But you only have one DPS spec and if Havoc is nerfed you are kinda doomed.

Mage = 3 DPS specs and a good chance to always be viable but no tank options giving you and endless and long queue time if you solo queue for dungeons.

But there is a lack of ranged DPS as far as I know right now, so maybe Mage is a good shot anyway.
frost only now

Fire is weak and arcane feels rushed
Frost or you get kicked out of the raid/dungeon
Demon hunters perform amazingly well in mythic+ on pure damage.
The bring several powerful c.f. and interrupt effects aswell.

In raids they provide a +5% magic damage buff for the entire raid.

A frost mage might be able to march the demon hunters damage on occasion but the real reason frost mages are popular in mythic+ is all the snares.

There is way more frost mages out there compared to demon hunters, my advice.
Roll demon hunter, they are easier to level aswell :)

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