Mecha-Mogul Mk2

So i am trying to farm the materials for this mount, but i have farmed this dungeon prob around 20 times on mythic +0 but the only thing i got from those 15-20 runs is 1 Azerite forged protection plate. I have been reading people doing this dungeon 40 times and got all the materials. I did find 1 potion +20 engineering though.

I mean do i have to farm this dungeon 10000 times this way?
Am i just this unlucky?
Is there something i'am doing wrong?

engineering is 150+75
avarage 4 machines to farm
Afaik the stuff only drops from the bots near the end. Which people often skips. The engi potion is meant for getting the specific part from endboss, you have to have the buff up when he goes down, it only lasts 2 minutes.
The mats drop from all the bots in the dungeon, its all rng, I should know, I made 2 of them. The servomotors have a low drop chance, by the time you have 20 you have enough of the other mats for 3 mounts.
Don't we also need to have the engineering head to be able to get the parts?

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