Botting Ruins Group Farming

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Not sure if it's the correct terms to use but i'm gonna stick with it. 7 days ago I decided to go after the Time-Lost Proto Drake and the name is in the mounts name, a lot of time is lost. Made some Friends along the way and learning about the rares we are going after is a treat. I wanted to share this mount with 4 to 6 other players cause its a team effort ( if you count the effort afk'ing at all the spawn points till your addon scare you that you knock everything off the table ) But 7 days later i see the Bugger in my sight.. and boom gone before my addons reacted. This druid has been sitting next to me... invited him a few times so he also can get it. But no. Gone before i could react, /s to say WP... but hold up this guy is just casting the same spells he did when i got there Soul-less gaze on the spot the Rare spawns. To cut the story short we all were/are pissed made the reports but dont get the Mount. LAME. take his one off and let us roll for it Blizz plzz I have a family :P

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