Laser Matrix pulling untagged mobs

Title. Both in the world and in instances, including Mythic +, Laser Matrix seems to be more than able to unintentionally screw you over by pulling additional mobs. Did a Freehold run yesterday and it ended up pulling the entire lower level of the dungeon before the first boss. Why isn't it tuned to only trigger on tagged mobs?
The waycrest manor trinket from lady waycrest does the same thing. I've pulled untagged packs in quite a few m+ dungeons because of this.
I've never had a problem with it if i'm attacking a dummy it will hit other dummys around me but i never pulled extra mobs in a dungeons because of it
I've had the same problem, both outside and inside instances. Reforging my shoulder item now to avoid the problem. This power needs a fix!
Did they fix this for instances? I was having the same problem with ninjapulls until today, but today I saw my laser matrix proc multiple times and hitting both hostile and neutral mobs in Freehold, but they didn't react as if nothing had happened.
Not fixed in the slightest, if any player interacts in ANY way with a mob (stealthing beside it, distract, running invisibility, hard cc that doesn't induce combat) the entire party tied to that mob gets pulled from miles away.
Laser Matrix needs renaming to Ninja Matrix, it will Ninja pull anything remotely close by.

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