what made you choose your shammy race

1. Chain Lightning.

2. There was this tauren elemental shaman in Vanilla and TBC named Battlehunter (Magtheridon server if im not wrong) who destroyed people
Ive been swapping between a lot of shaman races over the years, but none of them really clicked.

I was quite interested in mag'har, but when I got to try them out. I became disappointed. Weak racials, uninspired heritage armor and a bland racial mount. 217th flavor of wolf.

Plus still having the problem of green orcs with poorly placed hip mounted weapons in upright stance. It can especially be seen with maces and axes, where the head is right in under your armpit when standing. But when mounted, it goes out properly.

I had originally considered Zandalari Trolls, as I liked the aztec style of their armor. But after seeing them out and about Zuldazar, I began to lose entusiasm for them. Especially when also seeing the Dark Irons about. Impressively looking burning beards that actually is visible with full heritage armor. Unlike velf hair that you need to hide the helm to see.

Dark Irons comes with a pretty impressively looking heritage armor, an unique racial mount that isnt just a bland recolor like the zandalari direhound.

As well some outstanding racials to me. Most notably the incredible mole machine that can take you to a LOT of places once youve fully unlocked every destination in it. And fireblood is pretty useful too, a dps cd that grows stronger with the more debuffs it purges from you.
Troll is de only way! For da voodoo style!

If you don't like the hump then wait for zandalari and you will look hot af!

Be seeing ya.
Dwarf on Alliance

Troll on Horde.

I guess the new allied races bring new totems, Dark Iron and Mag'hsr have the best totems. Followed by Pandas.
I used to play a orc male, but when Mag'har arrived I decided to play a female Mag, cuz she is just a badass :D
Goblin: Ghetto Gust of wind
I had wanted to create a pandaren shaman ever since I first saw their totems when levelling another character in a dungeon. Overall, the race appears greatly to me because they have this calm, stoic attitude and seem to generally not treat themselves too seriously.
Draenei, forever.

Not only because think their story is both epic and sad at the same, and it made WoW bigger and more ''cosmic''.

It is the draenei shaman lore that is unique and interesting. They are the only race (or should i say, Nobundo is the man) to whom the elements of Draenor have spoken directly.
Watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7siEh7-aZ8 and decided I want to play a troll shaman. Shame my original shaman is a draenei now at 91 or 92 and this is a boosted character.
Look at this bad boy, that should explain it.
HM because of awesome looking heritage chest piece.
Back in BC, I remember seeing an Elemental shaman for the first time. I was in awe how COOL they looked, and them spells... totems and what not.

And then I met them in BG

I guess when I play alliance, I choose Draenei because... well it was the race I saw first time as an elemental shaman back in BC ^^
I got an Orc shaman, because I love Orcs plus THRALL is an Orc.

My 2nd Shaman is this Highmountain Tauren....because they look amazing, and their Heritage armor adds a lot to this as well. Just simply looks amazing.

I'd also consider a Troll, I did have one, but since BfA is very alt unfriendly, I am not playing that. Trolls have very cool and unique animations.

I did make my Orc a caster, and this HM Tauren a melee. Orc for casting animations and "Thrall", the HM Tauren since melee cows just look impressive :-)
In TbC ally had only draenei, now i kinda grew to love tentacles
DARK IRON DWARF FTWWWW, cool looking totems too and nice beard, all you need to pawn newbs. Zandalari troll for horde maybe?
I wanted to be an Alliance Shaman
All Ive ever wanted is Blood Elf Shaman, I find all Shaman races horrible and unsatisfying in terms of Tmog.
Draenei, because I really like them. And also it was the only class that could be shaman in TBC on the alliance side.
Looks basicly... old school Shammi look... and ofc CRASH LIGHTNING ANIMATION <3 sry caps ;)

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