What are your opinions on leveling now?

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1-110 is !@#$, 110-120 is ok. the problem is none of them are hard... just more hp and nothing else. give the mobs some skills and make them deal a lot more dmg wtf. dont just increase their hp, make them hit like trucks so they can force u to learn ur class and play to ur full potential
Most of my fire against the leveling has died down, but I can't say I am a big fan of it. I am playing with my girlfriend so the leveling doesn't feel so unappetizing, but it definitely could go faster.

As my girlfriend put it, while we were killing elves in Ashenvale: The quest and the leveling takes longer only because of how long it takes to kill things, especially when they respawn so quickly. Not exactly the same, but you get the gist of it.
At this point I'm just doing dungeons over and over and over and over again because even tho it's slower it's at least a tiny bit interesting.

You can't do that as a dps tho, so I guess I won't have any dps only characters
Nah I like leveling it’s way harder in most MMOs, what I don’t like is leveling progress is not rewarding, just the level number changes, nothing else. If they make leveling progression more rewarding/feeling of progression, it will be perfect. Pre 7.3.5 dungeon spam was fun but it wasn’t a right thing in an MMO imho.
I don't like the scaling in dungeons thats pretty much it makes transmog/mount runs harder. Overleveled few levels did Stratholme and Baron Rivendare was impossible to kill.
Heared though Rivendare specificly was scale bugged and not meant to have so high hp and stats but still.
Personally I don't hate the scaling in the world it self that much though was pretty fun to actually go do the content in a zone I wanted rather than go through zone to zone because of specific level within zone.

But I'm a lore lover so do the certain lore I deem important and fun for each alt.
Example with my Tauren Shaman I did everything related to Tauren. Stoneatlon mountains,thousened needles,Northern Barrens before moving on.
With my DK I went for Eastern and Western plaugelands almost at start before doing other expansion content as DK start at 58 etc.

But I understand that people don't want to stay in old content with ones 30ish alt or allied race yeah that takes it toll even on me at times who loves the leveling part.
So yeah scaling needs to be more rewarding to fit these player.

Why not make it like Warfronts an option to toggle on or off??
25/09/2018 04:50Posted by Eulalia
I really love how they changed dungeons and the remakes of some are great.

Even in a geared and skilled group it actually takes some time to kill bosses and we need to take care not overpull.

Stratholme for example, it was the most fun I've had in a while, with a full group of veteran players.

Not outleveling zones before you finished is awsome. I really hated Cata, worst x-pac, because it ruined questing and this is much better. Might be slower lvling than what most people like, I really don't mind.

It feels weird getting gear and lvls but still not getting stronger, and there is no choice to do harder quests. I miss that.

Agre, went in there a few days on ago on my lvl 53 monk and boy was I up for a surprise. Last time I played her was like 8-9 months ago and then it was just pew pew. Very little healing needed and even if overpulls happened it was never a problem.
Now we wiped on trash, bosses took a lot longer to kill and I had to work like crazy to keep tank up, so much I checked I had my heirloom on, which I had.
Haven't tried any questing yet on her.
I havent been able to level a character past 50 since the nerf. I just dont feel any motivation to do it anymore, it is slow and repetitive. Normally when I feel "done" with gearing up my main, working on reps and everything new expansions has to offer, I start leveling alts but now I just login and check if theres any interesting emissary rewards and log off again.
1-60 is tedious.
60-80 is ok-ish.
80-90 is ok-ish.
90-100 is tedious if you don't have flying unlocked.
100-110 is tedious if you don't have flying unlocked.
110-120 is just fine.
My opinion is now CBA.
I got done leveling during wod late wod :D
1-60 feels like a breeze, 60-85 is neutral, 85-90 is horrible. After that it's pretty okay again.
08/10/2018 22:14Posted by Leymaiden
1-60 is tedious.
60-80 is ok-ish.
80-90 is ok-ish.
90-100 is tedious if you don't have flying unlocked.
100-110 is tedious if you don't have flying unlocked.
110-120 is just fine.

I leveled an arcane mage and 90-100 was horrible with flying. Because WoD is not properly scaled. mobs have higher hp and dmg than legion. Quest bosses are a joke 45k hp. Any healing mob heals to %100.

Dinged to 100 and in legion, I was 2 shotting everything until 110 :D WoD sux.

However, classic dungeons are fun. Takes longer but the stakes are higher, you can wipe in SFK now :D
hmm how do i feel about leveling now hmm well

i stopped leveling anything under level 100 since bfa launched ..

and leveling alts to pass time was one of my most favourite pass times in the game, so yea not that happy with it to be honest.
Wow, the leveling feels slower and slower and slower each level and i only got to 58 last week.
My mind is just telling me ´whats the point of this´
It’s trash and I won’t ever level another character without some major changes to the system. Like, cutting down levels back to 80 or somethin’. Burning thru all this old content just to do new stuff (cause Blizzard went with the end game = where the game begins route) is pointless and not fun.
Its horrible. After leveling a palladin,warlock,druid,mage and a rogue to level 85 minimum, i cba at doing all this !@#$ again. I mean, ofcourse i understand new players want to experience the leveling bit to. But me, playing practically since launch, cba to do aaaaaall this %^-* again. Leveling a priest atm and after 9 hours playtime im lvl 40. But thats most doing dungeons and completing the quests in the dungeons. That most of the times give u about 2/3 lvls. But im a healer, so i get into dungeons pretty fast. I would facesmash my keyboard if i ever need to do this !@#$ as a dps.
Luckily, i got all possible dps characters allready at 70+.
Seems fine to me
Seems fine to me
Personally not a fan of how long it takes to get 120, joined again after taking a break since cataclysm and was originally optimistic and rolled paladin, levelled to 90 only to realise ret was just garbage so now back as a priest.

My issue with the levelling is that there’s just no sense of progression with the way mobs scale now, why should a level 55 have to kill everything he encounters if farming tin in a low level noob zone.

The quest rewards are also totally useless, only thing I used them for was disenchanting, heirlooms, LFG and battlegrounds mean that you have all the loot you will ever need. The problem with this is that it forces players to just sit in ques for the whole time as they try to level, and even with all the cool new gear your character feels EXACTLY the same, I kill mobs in the exact same time.

Then back when I first played at least going to outlands or northrend for the first time meant you’d get a significant boost in your stats from all the new gear, it was genuinely rewarding to go through hellfire and replace all your old gear, now not anymore.

So to summarise, I spend my life sitting in ques doing boring old content that never gets any easier because all the mobs scale with me, only to get to max and do boring content farming for gear that will become useless when blizzard decides it wants to change my spec, meaning I’ve got to re roll and go again.
I`ve survived mage leveling through WoD.

Bear Grylls in comparison is just 12 y.o. kid from the neighborhood.

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