[H] [Tarren Mill/Dentarg] Casual PvE m+ / 1day raiding

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello there,

are you a mature, seasoned player who can't afford to commit for semi-hardcore gaming schedule? Do you like to tackle challenging content, yet can't stand getting all the needed preparations and consumables for it? Do you have a passion for gaming, yet recognize the importance of daily real life issues and their random nature? Are you tired of pugging the content you want to experience just because you can't commit yourself to the game enough?

If, just like us - you've had found yourself answering those questions with "Yes", then maybe you would be interrested in our guild.

<Extra Thick Mojo> is a freshly formed guild comprised of few veteran players who have their hardcore and semi-hardcore days behind them. We are looking for more like minded and mature players to fill our ranks so that we can give our best in forming a stable environment of m+ runs and NM/HC raiding.

What we offer:
-Friendly and drama free guild atmosphere
-Opportunity to run m+ (and in near future NM/HC raiding content) with a group of like minded people
-Mature members who like to share their knowledge about the game with others
-No required minumum activity
-No required consumables for raiding nor m+
-Opportunity to find eager players for other games than WoW

What we expect:
-Be mature (25+) [exceptions might be considered]
-Don't be easily offended by personal opinions of others
-Don't expect progressive gamestyle (fun>progress)
-Be active and communicative (regular mic communication is not a must, but is a plus)

If you are interrested in what we have to offer, please don't hestitate and get in touch with us:

Or leave a msg in this topic!
Shameless bump.

We're still recruiting strong. Mostly ranged dps and healers will be of best use, but anyone is still welcome.
Bumping for the sake of humanity
Hi Yoss! I just added you ingame. Hope to hear from you :)
A little update!

We're starting up with our raiding this week! For now we're trying out weekend mid-day raiding with Saturday 12pm and Sunday 12pm to choose from. If it'll work out we'll stick to it.

We're still open for likeminded people! However ranged dps and healers are the most valuable roles for us!
I've been in the guild for four days now. Everyone has been very nice to me, and making me feel right at home. You should definitely poke Yossi ingame if you think this guild sound like something for you. You won't regret it!

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