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There seems to be some sort of bug when taking the ship via Jes-Threth to Nazmir. Both my characters on this initial quest were disconnected from the server, re logged in the middle of nowhere under attack. The hunter survived killing the attacker, to be swept up back on the boat to continue to the destination as if it never happened.
My warlock was not so lucky, disconnected at the same spot, under attack by the same mob, but killed. Now has to find her own way back. coords 58.79, 34 39.
Hey there Narissaa,

The occasional disconnect can happen to all of us but to have it happen to both your characters in the exact same spot, that can indeed raise an eyebrow.

If your Warlock hasn't found her way back yet or is now stuck then you could try to "unstuck" her.

And if you do have to give the quest/scenario another go, then I would suggest retrying after (at least) disabling all addons first. A better test could be to (temporarily) reset your User Interface as that would also get rid of any potentially outdated/damaged/cached game files.

Good luck on your trip to Nazmir!
She found her own way there thanks. Only reason I flagged it is as it was several days apart on the same quest same level, just another character I was levelling. It has to be a game issue, rather than the disconnect because of the way the hunter was pulled back into the boat as I killed the target that grabbed me with the DC.
Quests completed thanks.

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