[H] <LSXD> Is Recruiting for Mythic

Twisting Nether
<LSXD> // Twisting-Nether (EU)

Currently on the lookout for:
2x Warlocks
2x Ranged

To participate in our no filter extravagant raiding team built by dedicated idiots for BFA. We are currently 8/8 Heroic and 1/8 Mythic. Heroic content will be the jist of it until we've built a sufficient roster.

RT: Wed/Thur/Sun 19:50-22:30. Wednesday is removed when we're considered to be on farm. Optional alt runs will then take place on Wednesdays.

If that sounds alright head over to our google document and have a quick peek at what some of our requirements are and some additional information.


Contact Info:
We'll be sure to contact you as quickly as possible after we spot your request and we're both online, we'll ask you a couple of quick questions on bnet and if everything seems fine i'll send you a discord link so we can have a chat there, so make sure you have everything set up!
added on btag
We have opened op for a Resto Druid spot aswell
Feel free to contact us on Bnet

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