Smoke and Mirrors: Island Expedition Increase Drop Rate

I'll start with a quote:

September 14, 2018

Island Expeditions

Substantially increased the drop rates for the various bonus rewards, such as transmog items, pets, quest starters, and mounts.

I've partook in something between 125 and 150 Island Expeditions... a rough guess but probably not too far from the truth given the number of useless 'Seafarer Dubloons' in my wallet.

The first two or three attempts were fun, the next few were okay... all the rest have been a complete waste of time! Mainly due to the lack of reward.

Firstly I do not consider AP to be a reward... it is a mechanic to repeat content in order to increase quality of gear/iLevel. It is a boring and cynical way of forcing the player base to repeat something they would not usually repeat. I don't raid and have no super desire to max out my helm/shoulder/chest items by next week!

So why do them? 28 new battle/companion pets and the chance of a mount!

Had you only introduced 3 or 4 to collect - this wouldn't be about collecting pets. You introduce 28 - this is content for those players that collect them.

For me, this makes it worthwhile repeating the content - despite content that is also incredibly predictable, easily beatable, formulaic across all the islands and lacks a challenge.

My last 15 to 20 Island Expeditions have dropped nothing at all! Dubloons are effectively nothing and the 3 quest items that dropped for maybe 1.5k Azerite power are pitiful and worthless.

Island Expeditions, IMHO, are an insulting and cynical (I'll say it again) content trap that lacks imagination from an organisation of your stature and experience.

Adding new 28 pets with a drop rate so low is so infuriating.

Given that, for me, over about 150 Island Expeditions 4 pets have dropped for me... I estimate that I would need to partake in over 1,000 Island Expeditions - and I suspect given that no pets have dropped in my last 50ish Expeditions and not expecting to see any soon... that number could easily be doubled.

Let's compare that with the equally boring Warfronts! Dubbed as the RTS for WoW - you had me at RTS.

I have completed 3 Warfronts; unchallenging, rinse 'n' repeat, boring content that I will not repeat again - rewarded me with an iLevel 340 item each time I completed it - all different slots. Each run took maybe 20 to 30 minutes.

60 to 90 minutes of Warfront game time with 3 items of half decent level as reward.

Well over 6 hours of Island Expeditions - and nothing! At all!

Do I sound entitled?

I hope so!

I pay monthly for the privilege of playing the game! Almost from day 1!

You made collecting companion pets part of the game and there are some big carrots introduced to encourage players into content to collect them.

So... an increase in drop rate? You stated an increase hotfix - which really meant, if you are honest about it, an increase in items of no real consequence or value.

Smoke and Mirrors!
Ive had multiple pets dropping so far from expeditions after the buff., as well a bunch of turnins.
After the hotfix I got 2 pets and 2 turn ins while doing only my weekly islands.Before that I only got 1 pet and 1 turn in spamming them.
its your luck I guess
I'm gonna run 20 more and post my results.
Do PvP!

So far, after doing 30+ HC runs after the buff, i have gotten like 6+ transmorg, 2 pets, 0 mount, 1 quest item and 4 toys (2 dups).

Did some PvP after, won a match 12k (my team) and 1500 (alliance team, think they rage quitted, happen 2 time so far), both time the score was like this i have gotten 3 item each run...even a team mate got 3 pets when we won that.

So, with starts like that, it seems like PvP is the better thing to do, in order to farm the isle, hell, even when i lost one i still got 1 quest item.

Before the buff, i think i had run 30+ isle and got nothing, so, all in all, its a welcoming buff to it, but, with so many item to farm from it, it had been nice if it was like war front, you queue to it, you complete it, you get a item.
Sitting at 330-350 so far (Multiboxing and most of them normals), no Mount lol. Aprox 15 Pets, 3-4 Toys, tons of moggear and quests. I wrote them an ingame ticket that it is soul crushing.

My gut Feeling tells me this is the MOP world bosses style 2 where you will be farming years from now. I went thru hard stuff farming mounts, mboxing timewalking dungeons when they were harder than Mage Towers, MOP world bosses, camel, TLPD and Aeonaxx without addon, Alar solo when you had to kite them to the entrance (which was disgusting each week and that stun fest and wipes when you messed up), Argent Tournament twice (cause you know Paladins...) and the most brutal of them all, Legion class mounts haha, but this tops it all.

But I will spam queue them and find out if you can get them all in normals. When i have some better gear I will gor for higher levels. Managed to win hc but only when the good quartermaster is on the ship at start. This weeks stuff serves noting, I am already sitting at combined 400 doublons or so and i was spending them like mad last week on all toons.

Keep you posted.
i made 10 hc runs IE, 0 drop
I level my alt's with expeditions. My DK (110-117) looted:

9 pets
6 quest starters
2 ilvl 325 boe weapons
1 head mog.

All runs on normal.
Unlucky. Ive gotten 4 tmog items and a pet since the change in like 15-20 islands since the change.
I feel like all I've got was on the day of the buff (one pet, toy and some transmog), after that I've had only doubloons.
Done a bunch across different characters.
Can't be asked to do any more. It's one thing to have a carrot on a stick, it's quite another to be told there might be a carrot on a stick somewhere down the line if we're lucky.

The drop rates are way too low for a piece of content that have a pretty big loot pool.
I still wont bother unless you can save up for the mount and buy.
I grinded more then 100 islands, most of them hc, with my main (after the buff)
got 3-4 pets, 2 mogs that I sold in AH, and some turn-ins. no mounts yet.

While I got no problem with rare rewards staying rare, I would advise to raise the normal reward a bit (right now, Wq that are done in 3 mins while half sleeping can be more rewarding then a tough island run).

And another advise:
Please add something nice to by with those island coins. Right now they are next to useless - at least in normal and hc modes.
Would it be a solution to make the mounts/toys/pets purchasable with Seafarer Dubloons? Doesn't really solve the bland and repetitive feel of the island expeditions, but does add a form of "bad luck protection".

Imagine someone having 27/28 pets and farming the last one (assuming duplicate pets can drop), that's a statistical nightmare. Would be good to be able to farm some currency and buy the pet outright.
Add these mounts and other drops to Island Vendors which we can buy with seafarer’s dubloons.
20 Runs

Run 1 Quest Item | Blue Transmog
Run 2 10 Dubloons | Green Transmog
Run 3 7 Dubloons
Run 4 Nothing
Run 5 Nothing
Run 6 7 Dubloons
Run 7 Green Transmog
Run 8 4 Dubloons
Run 9 4 Dubloons
Run 10 Quest Item | Unbelievably a pet drop - One I already have!!! To add insult to injury - one that can't be caged!
Run 11 14 Dubloons
Run 12 2 Dubloons - Bah I would have rather got nothing than something so petty
Run 13 2 dubloons again | Another lame quest | And another pet I already have - not bad considering I only have 4 pets at least I can cage this one.
Run 14 Nothing
Run 15 8 Dubloons | Green Trans
Run 16 11 Dubloons
Run 17 2 Dubloons
Run 18 Nothing
Run 19 6 Dubloons
Run 20 Quest Item

77 Dubloons
1 Blue Transmog
3 Greens Transmog
4 Quest Items
2 Repeat Pets from a selection of four already collected: odds of this = 1 in 2,744
4 Runs with no reward - 20%

Take from that what you will...

- Dubloons are vendor trash - except you can't sell them.
- Transmog item rewards are the apex game development apathy.
- Quest items for a pitiful amount of AP - sheesh - Bliz have you run out of ideas! (rhetorical, thus lack of question mark)
- 20% of the runs rewarded nothing! I have experienced larger percentages of runs with no reward.
- 2 Pets... that I already had from a selection of 4. The odds of that were greater than 1 in 2,744

For me - mind numbing boring lazy content that is also overly demanding on a paying subscriber... 20 Island Expeditions that effectively rewarded me with nothing at all!

Detractors from this post will say I should be happy with cosmetic items! Do a raid and be rewarded with transmogs and state the same thing! Do 5 mythic dungeons and be rewarded with nothing but transmogs and say the same thing! Complete 30 quests for cosmetic items and state the same thing!

I refuse to believe my RNG is that bad. The mechanics are set up to reward a truly obscene and, to be frank, an unhealthy amount of repetition. You really should be ashamed of yourself! Had this been a F2P game... you could almost be forgiven.

Gating content, restricting drops and bottle necking progress... I get that to an extent.

For me... you have taken it too far. Island Expeditions are a failure of content, design and reward Vs invested time!

The bottom line - given your cynical and VERY unreasonable expectations towards a paying subscriber base - is that I really do think that my time in Azeroth has reached its conclusion.
I'll quote what I said previously in another "collections feedback" thread on Island Expeditions:

I cannot be certain of the numbers I've ran so far but it's quite a bit. I can concur with OP that if you're a collector of mounts/pets/toys this is quite a sad state to have to farm through (I'm closing in on 350 mounts myself, I consider myself a casual collector). Not least because the content we're speaking about is by no means enjoyable or entertaining, but if the percentages of drop rates of these mounts are anything to go by we're talking about droprates comparable with Sha of Anger/Galleon or maybe slightly less brutal, Rukhmar. At that we're only talking about 2 in particular, Squawks and Surf Jelly.

Now IF the droprates are anything like World Bosses in MoP this is a lost cause. No one is going to farm these THAT religiously to get these items, it just won't happen. Island Expeditions are almost exclusively hated so putting mount rewards on them with 1/5000 or 1/2000 drop rates is just kicking collectors in the face and laughing at them. They will simply be obtained by the "Lucky ticket holder" while BfA is live, and that'll be in the 0.003% category of players if we go by MoP World Boss mounts dropping.

To date, as of posting this, I have found NO evidence either from WoWhead, WoWDB OR sites like worldofwargraphs that ANY of the other mounts listed for Island Expeditions have EVER dropped at all (they're currently owned by 0% of profiles).

Now, in saying that after the hotfix last night there has been an increase in the amount of tmog/vanity/rep items I've got (various greens 310 item level). I've got various rep tokens for various factions, and I'm glad to report 1 TOY drop (Magic Monkey Banana).

Before the hotfix I had NEVER gotten a single item bar the usual Azerite and bag with that silly coin in it, no tmog, no toys, no pets nothing nada. So there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

If you're farming these, leave your feedback here and what you've got. This is a good thread and we need to draw attention to this for collectors.
I've stopped doing them. They either only reward dabloons or nothing.
For the record... still only have 4 pets as drops from a possible 28... did one more run today and got another pet. 3rd successive time the pet is one I already have!

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