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i wouldn't mind classic+ servers 3 years after launch.

new content, but with vanilla style gameplay.

don't personally much care for tbc or wotlk.
Not that I agree with them but you're doing exactly what anti vanilla people said you would. Getting what you want and then whining its not enough.
13/09/2018 22:39Posted by Balfur
I don't want new content or any kind of progression. I want the game to stay 1.12 forever, with devs and GMs only fixing bugs but never changing content. I want it to be slow and oldschool. I want to be able to log in at night knowing that I don't have to rush anything because there is nothing to chase. I can level slowly, read and enjoy every quest and interact with the community, play every dungeon and level every class to 60 even if it takes 10 years. I can't wait for that relaxing feeling that there is nothing to chase other than great experiences with friends in Azeroth.

^ This. Nowadays its just rush rush rush to max lvl as fast as possible, skip every quest texts, and end up killing some mobs and u dont have a single clue why the F u are even killing em. In vanilla when u read everything and explore the world, u came much more familiar with lore and other cool stuff.

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