WoW under Ion's leadership?

18/09/2018 09:31Posted by Slimtank

Ion was lead game dev when MoP launched.

No wonder I hated mop with passion. And MoP marks the point when they started catering to lazy people with excuse know as "I have family, children and two dogs, I don't have time to play this game, give me loot".
Ok this might be nitpicking but there are some major issues regarding this game right now, and i am a firm believer that fish stinks from the head. The fact of the matter is, and u cannot deny it , we are on perma beta... Traits getting nerfed/changed left and right for past 4 weeks, i understand their reason for not wating u to use op trait on low ilvl item but this is insane in order to survive this u need 5 mil gold for trait respec and to save up all ur azerite from when u started leveling. Dungeons and Raids are clearly broken to the point where its easyer to just make new ones, maiden invisble beam rng kills spring to mind, or fetrid overtune (clearly 0 test has been done on these fights), or motherlode trash% or the fact that having fortified/necrotic/sanguine/infested an retardedly hard week to do, and that again could have been avoided with a simple in house testing, !@#$ ton of quests and world quests are annoying/broken/not spawning, tortolan ones spring to mind. Lore is sliced up and it has no continuity. For example alliance players have 0 knowlege of whats going on in uldir same as im expecting horde players will have 0 knowlege of whats going on in next azshara raid. Class balance is out the window with warlocks being top on aoe fights as class is designed for ST, so basicly their st is so strong that they are better than padd classes that aoe whole fight. Race design is broken aswell lets remove blood elves aoe silence and give them aoe mass dispell and make mass dispell mandatory for an late boss encounter and an m+ dung and also lets make mass dispell cost like 10% of healers mana so stacking belfs makes the fight 100x easyer...
So after the wall of text in 2 words FIRE HIM, hell fire all of them, only department that seems to be doing good is marketing department.
These are just a few examples in a sea of issues facing this game, facing any game that is rushed out the doors for a quick moneygrab scheme, and if blizz is stupid to learn from EAs mistakes this game will die.
I wouldn’t blame Ion for all of the bad stuff hapenning, maybe he has a final word in the Blizzard party, but ever since Activision got a big say in the development, it is no longer really someone’s fault, as it all comes to profit.
Would you blame an executioner for using a rusty axe to behead someone, if you knew that he has 2 golds per week to run everything and keeping the cells tidy and prisoners at least minimally fed already takes 1,5 gold from his budget?? Would you have the heart to tell him to spend the remaining 0,5 gold for equipment maintenance when he has himself and his family to feed and those 50 silvers are not even close to let his family live at least partially happy life?
What I agree on with you is that this expansion does not really hit off the best way. Yet probably and hopefully it will not become a full-out-blown disaster.
What I definitely do not agree on with you is blamig someone for it. If you want to blame someone, blame activision. Make an official complaint as it is your right as a customer and make them feel your disatisfaction, but please restrict your anger and refrain from blaming and/or namecalling.
18/09/2018 10:53Posted by Tèsla

Our bond is Ion! But you are so easily broken!
Good question... I've had a feeling that all the class issues (and there's a lot of them) basically stem from an internal problem within Blizz that starts to show.

But, looking at BfA only, I think the only thing that's close to a dealbreaker for me is the time gating. It's just one step from pay-to-get bonus content, which is what I expect to happen next exp. Mounts are fine, vanity items are fine, pets are fine in the shop... but race or class is going too far.

18/09/2018 09:31Posted by Slimtank
Ion was encounter designer in Wotlk.
Encounters was the thing I liked about WotLk.
Ion was class designer in Cata.
Some classes were my favorite of all time in Cata.
Ion was lead game dev when MoP launched.
didnt liked that expansion a lot.
lets not talk about WoD.
Ion was still lead game dev for legion.
I liked legion.probably more than any other expansion.
I like ion.7/10
I would say give them time.

I didn't know this. I skipped MoP but I did enjoy Cata and WoD a lot. Legion art was meh, but the raids etc were nice, with some really bad design choices (such as random drop leggos).

As for BfA, I think most effort went into art, and gameplay/classes somehow got left behind. The areas are awesome, the voiceovers are just tremendously funny and well done, I really love all of it. Hoping the class issues will get fixed soon.
Ion effects:

I prefere the one in charge him there once told people to yell for their faction. Sadly there wern't too many Alliance there.
The 'invisible' problem here really is that Blizzard is controlled by Activisions sale scheme and share holders. Releasing the Xpac months earlier and have everyone pre-order it is better for sales than to sell it months later and have people quit at the end of legion because it's getting stale.

The real problem that is infesting this game right now is that Activision is trying to make this game as profitable as possible (Hence time gating to get you play longer, Allied races VS. Race changes). By releasing the game months earlier, you end up with half-finished systems and classes and a whole load of bugs and typos. There was simply not enough time to finish this game because the big boss was pushing the release of it. That's why they are so busy fixing every single thing in BfA in later patches. It's work they didn't get to do earlier.
Well shamans been broken alot even when Chilton and Ghostcrawler took lead. I am bald myself and i dont like doing this to bald men but yeah, it was the same. New Stormstrike icon.. wait for 8.1..

I just want a dev that listens to feedback in beta. Why is that so hard?
I don't like all the utility all the classes have lost, azerite power/armor feels kinda lika a let down and how they balance melee vs casters in pvp is what I am not so happy about

Otherwise I like where the game is headed

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