[A] Riot - PvP Twink Guild - Recruiting

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
<Riot> is a newly formed twink guild on these servers.

As the guild's interest is getting as many twinks as possible, we provide the following services to newcomers:
- You join the guild, regardless of your level. We let you reach the level you want.
- You will then be ran through dungeons by a high level character to maximize the speed of gearing up.
- You will have access to a high level enchanter who will provide you with what you need (within reason if you cannot provide gold/mats).
- Once you're ready, group queue for battlegrounds with other twinks to maximize winning chances.
- BONUS: Teamwork to acquire battleground achievements.

Ideas for when we grow:
- 1v1 tournaments within the guild (with rewards).
- Other team-building in-game activities, such as fun events.

If you wish to join, add me on BattleNet: Tyragon#2614

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