LF Mythic+ dps

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello. I am a 33 year old swe. Me and my 39ish year old eng friend are looking for people to play m+ with.

we are looking for some mature people to push keys with.
In legion we got to about 2.4k raider.io score this expasion we havent really started pushing yet.

I play a mistweaver monk and he a prot pally.
It dosent matter if you are a group of 3 dps already, 2 or 1 player.

We expect people to perform good at their class and role, not just high dps numbers but also cc awareness and such.

We want to set up a fix day where try and go for keys and ofc play abit during the weeks. We are in a raiding guild atm but only doin HC. We want our focus to be on m+

add me on Fredrikoskar#2437 for a chat

Hope to hear from you
sry for any misspellings
Hi, im the gm of a mythic progression guild and main sub rogue (until azerite gear drops for sin)
Currently 354 eq ilvl. Added you on bnet since im interested in your proposal here.
Im also a swede 32 years of age. #bonuspoints. Hope to hear from you soon

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