Imbalance between tailoring, LW and BS

All three professions can craft 2 BoP items. The cost of these however are quite varying:

Waist rank 1: 30 expolsum, rank 2: 15 expolsum and rank 3: 25 expolsum.
Legs rank 1: 40 expolsum, rank 2: 25 expolsum, rank 3: 35 expolsum.
In total: waist = 70 expolsum and legs = 100 expolsum, both = 170

Gloves rank 1: 30 expolsum, rank 2: 40 expolsum, rank 3: 50 expolsum.
Legs rank 1: 40 expolsum, rank 2: 50 expolsum, rank 3: 60 expolsum.
In total: gloves = 120 expolsum and legs = 140 expolsum, both = 260.

Boots rank 1: 30 expolsum, rank 2: 40 expolsum, rank 3: 50 expolsum.
Legs rank 1: 40 expolsum, rank 2: 50 expolsum, rank 3: 60 expolsum.
In total: boots = 120 expolsum and legs = 140 expolsum, both = 260.

Gloves, waist and boots all give the exact same amount of stats, the other item for all 3 proffs are legs so there is 0 difference in what each profession gains statwise. Yet both leatherworking and tailoring need to spend a whole 90 expolsum more, and thats if you are lucky and/or dont want to craft them again for better stats.

Getting blacksmithing to max is slightly more costly than the other 2 proffesions if you only buy the mats and dont farm them, but to get the amount of extra expolsum needed (for just 1 of each item) will cost you an arm and a leg.

How is this possibly fair?
Well, ores are hard to find due to never-be-sufficiently damned CRZ technology even at 5AM on a Saturday morning!

Cloth drops for everyone. Animals are always there to skin. That enchanted forest with the little girl singing terrible songs and a tea party at the end comes to my mind first.

What's unfair is the massive amount of mats each profession requires. I hate levelling blacksmithing. So expensive even so far into the expansion.

I also hate that the usefulness of professions is so low: a set of gear for lazy 110 and a set of gear for freshly dinged 120, who want to be geared fast.
The imbalance in the proffesion is not only in the quantity of materials you need, but the amount of time you need for craft a single piece. In the rank 2 you need 250 sanguicell which meant run at least 4 full raids in hc mode that take a month for get at least 10 from each final boss.

Not to mention that the 'creativity-genious' BoP crafter piece are in your wrong wear character, so all the effort for craft that item END just for 'scrap'...Suddenly the programmers genius of Blizz didnt take into account this yes the BoP craft items will be the last aimed of any in this expansion...

The real purpose to have a proffesion going in a character was the fact in the 'past' help for gear your alts, sell something from time to time in AH...All the purpose it has gone in this expansion...

We are not asking to do it easy, but reasonable.

the BoP items are an absurd.

Take Alchemy and enchant, trow craft proffesion in this expansion.
Very sad and frustating.
I wasn't aware of this.

90 Expulsom is a ridiculous amount of difference. Untill now I didn't say a single bad thing about BfA proffesions, even though there are clear problems. But this. This is pure bull!@#$.
Came here to report the same thing, seems like a mistake on Blizzards part, but they probably won't change it.
It's way, way, way easier to get Expulsom as LW or tailoring. The main source of Expulsom is making and scrapping green 266 items; a leatherworker can farm up enough mats to make 100 green items in an hour, enough to generate 10-15 expulsom.

Blacksmithing can't match that rate.

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