[A] <Crimson> Recruiting!

Hello and welcome to the <Crimson> recruitment post!

<Crimson> is a guild born out of a joint love of the hatred towards toxicity, as well as the love for clearing raids ahead of the curve. A small (but growing) guild of casual players who understand that sometimes the real world comes first. We have a very dedicated core of members that love to raid and run m+ and the time has come to expand for more progress runs.

We are currently looking to introduce non-toxic players that can fill multiple roles. We do have a need for Ranged DPS as well as a couple more Tanks - however everyone is welcome. There is a unique opportunity at <Crimson> for a tank being able to pick up the "main tank role" - as we have had last expansions tanks re-roll to DPS.

Our current raiding schedule is as follows:

Monday - 20:00-23:00 server time (15 minutes break halfway through)
Thursday - 20:00-23:00 server time (15 minutes break halfway through)
[optional] Saturday - 20:00-23:00 server time (15 minutes break halfway through) [will begin once alt runs/farm raids commence]

We operate a Discord that is in use frequently, most commonly during raid times. There is also a guild WhatsApp group for those interested. We do not have our own guild website, as this is something we feel causes more stress than enjoyment.

Here is our 'wow progress link' https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/magtheridon/Crimson

In short, <Crimson> offer a casual home from home that is perfect for new players and experienced players alike. We have our core of no-lifers (myself included) and also a group of social raiders who do what they can to contribute. Our members come from all over, we have a bunch from Sweden, Britain, Malta, Norway and Germany and most range from early 20's to **.

When I mention that we would like "non-toxic" players - please let me inform you that this does not make for no 'banter' within the guild. I can guarantee you will spend half of your time with us in fits of laughter, and being able to give as good as you get will come in handy :)

If you find any of this of interest, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of our members. Coming to me through this post, in game on Saptix or Aeyrix - via battle.net @ DrGrumpz#2227 - is also an option.

We look forward to meeting any prospective new members. While you may chose to join us, or not - please remember to always enjoy your time in game.


Officer @ <Crimson> (Magtheridon EU)
Good evening (or good morning if you read this in 8 hours!)

Havoc DH looking for a place to call home, down bosses, have a laugh and generally have fun with like minded folk. I really do love that you guys want to avoid toxicity, who doesn't!! I can offer the exact opposite; life is too short, raid time is even shorter and....well....its just easier (and better) to be nice.

Sane, sorted, friendly and pretty funny guy here. Have all my own teeth still but 47 yrs old, business owner and able to commit to raid nights without interruption.

Old skool raider since WoTLK, used to aid hardcore at one point but progression with fun is more where I feel comfortable these days.

Looking for a guild to contribute to, so if you're looking for someone who wants to make an effort and represent you guys while traveling around Azeroth, then I'm your man.....er......well...Night Elf I guess.

PS - Have a pretty decently geared Resto Shaman to offer too as an alt.

PPS - I can bake cookies if that'd help? :p


Hey Kikkasz- it was really good to catch you ingame. I hope you enjoy your time with us.

Still waiting on those cookies though? Or the steak and ale stew.. something tells me you are going to be nicknamed “chef”!

Been looking for a guild that doesn't raid Wednesdays on Magtheridon (harder than you think). And of course one that takes the game serious enough to have fun but with a laid back approach.

I am happy in my current guild but have had to adjust game time to suit family life and it doesn't mesh well with my current guild raid set up.

I cant impress anyone with big i levels just yet as I got off to a slow start in bfa. Currently have a 351 priest (disc/holy whatever is needed) and 330 DK that I want to start tanking with.

I'd be interested in switching sides if there is a potential future in the guild. (just need to remember I will no longer be welcomed in zandalar lol).
Hey man,

I am so sorry for not replying sooner! I always forget to check this post.

I am at work right now, but would love to have a chat with you. From your post you seem to be in a position I found myself in 7 months ago.

Switching to <Crimson> was one of the best decision I made. The guild has been around for a while, not sure on the exact start date but it is at least 1 expansion old.

If you fancy a chat, please add me on bnet and we can sort something out.
sent a request (batfink)

Hey there :)

Well enjoyed reading through the recruitment thread here and I like the sound of the guilds ethos!

I've recently returned to WoW after taking some time out due to RL as I'm getting a little long in the tooth these days!

So I've upgraded to BfA and rolled myself a new toon hoping to find myself a new guild to enjoy passing time online with while I grind through to 120 :)

I used to raid back in the day and achieved AOC for Legion with my Resto and I still have a mothballed DH but for now I'd like to enjoy my new Paly here and hope I can find a welcome with a guild that I can relax with while online and possibly get a raid spot in the future to enjoy the endgame content.

Anyway I'll try and catch up in-game for a chat so happy adverntures for now!


nossa#2715 :)
Once again, I apologise for not responding. I really need to work on reading this more often, don’t hate me.

I have added you to bnet and look forward to chatting when we are both next online.

As for recruitment going forward, we are aiming to improve our roster for Heroic Uldir. Better late than never for starting I guess. Currently 1/8 as a guild group, 4/8 with a few pugs.

Looking for;
Tanks (main or off)
Shamans (Enhance pref)
Arms Warrior

Same as before, just try hit me up on bnet lol.

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