Concept for Shaman with more class fantasy

Hi Blizz,

you said you wanted to give class fantasy a higher priority again. But you clearly missed this one on Shamans..we really feel betrayed because we get discrimated in every raid or m+ we want to join..we struggle to progress..and thats just because we have fun playing shaman..

so after speaking with some other shaman here is a Concept to make it better..
we are hybrids and so we could be the optimal hybrid class

All Shaman
    Make Elementals a real pet and weaken the current ones (make them a bit weaker)

    One Elemental at a time

    Give us Water and Storm Elemental Baseline too

    Make Totems back to the roots again

    Gets all Elementals

    Buff Damage

    New Big CD will be some Spell that uses all 4 Elements

    Sprit Wolfs Permanent instead of Elementals

    Damage Buff

    Better Opener

    New CD will be Spirit Wolfs with all Elements

    Most Important let him again enhance the group


    More Totems

    Gets Water Elemental for more Area Control. This one could be a weaker healer and be controlled on another place from the shaman to heal lower damage spikes, while he can concentrate on another place (good for encounters where you need more than one group)

    Chain Heal and other AE Heal needs more love. Shaman is group Healer

So we could have a unique class Fantasy with back to the roots totems, that have impact on the group..the people will want shaman again and we don't feel useless. We would be a hybrid of pet class and utility class, what we should be!

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