My view on changes needed in 8.1

Just my personal opinion. Been maining a Shaman since TBC, mostly Resto.

Totem buffs that makes Shamans "worth it" even in m+
The elpephant in the room for Enhancement is that there is way too many melee in the game. When you want to find a raid/m+ the melee spots are most of the time taken.
So why were Enhancement brought to raids in earlier expansions like TBC and Wrath you ask? Because they brought something unique: Totems. These totems were sick in TBC and even though the Shaman himself did not do as much dmg as the Rogues, they buffed the damage the rogue dealt by so much it was definatly worth bringing.
The core fantasy of Shaman in Vanilla and TBC was the TOTEMS. Where are they? Where is windfury totem? Where is Mana Tide Totem? We bring NOTHING unique to a raid.
We bring Heroism you say? Cool story, both Hunters and Mages has it, and even if you don't have any of these 3 classes you can just use drums.

Elemental dps in raids is OK. It's not as bad as people preach. You won't be on the bottom of any dps meter.
People complain about Elemental being immobile but this is what they are about. I am perfectly fine (I actually like it) that Elemental deals bad dps when moving around. The issue is, that even on Patchwerk sims, we are STILL only middle of the pack. THIS is the issue. If we are the most immobile class in the game then we should TOP every single Patchwerk sim there is. It's that simple.
I also think it is ridiculous that our other strength as Elemental is sustained AoE damage. Because the reality is, no raid encounters or mythics has AoE situations that lasts this long. I have to this date still not seen a single boss fight in the game where there is 5+ AoE alive for over 1 minute. So being strong in this area of the game is completely USELESS.
Lava Burst does horrible damage in both PvP and PvE. Why? Well first of all because of Earthshock/Earthquake dmg.

I am sorry but this whole maelstorm mechanic you made for Elemental is the core issue.
When you have 60 maelstorm and cast your Earthshock button you character does a little wave with her hand and then you get some huge dmg. Great, now go back to casting no dmg LB and LB until you can wave your hand again.
If you are fighting 2+ enemies you cast Earthquake instead of Earthshock and it's clunky to cast. Then your tank moves the mobs outside of your circle. Cool, waste. Else you cast it and 1 sec later all the mobs are dead before it has done any dmg.

Remove Maelstorm. Seriously. It's not satisfying or engaging. Earthshock/Earthquake casting is unsatisfying. Find something better.
Remove the Lava Burst reset mechanics. Make Lava Burst deal HUGE damage again. Like it did in Wrath.

In adittion to the Totem issues I mentioned earlier I think the spec itself is fairly smooth working.
The only issue I have with Enhancement, personally, is the reset mechanics on Stormstrike. I want a Stormstrike with a long cooldown that hits HARD. It will help us a lot in PvP and feel better, maelstorm wise, in PvE. Now we no longer get "free stormstrike overload", and won't cap on maelstorm.
Obviously the damage of Lava Lash etc. has to be adjusted too then. And without Stormstrike renewal, the AoE system probably need to be looked at again too.

Make Earth Shield heal A LOT more. It is weak. If this heals better, we don't have to spend so much time maintank healing, and can focus on off/AoE healing more.
Other than that, I don't really like Healing Rain. Why can't we focus on our signature AoE healing spell Chain Healing instead? Why do we need Healing Rain at all? It's just a Resto Druid copy.
Outside this, it's just a number issue.
17/09/2018 13:13Posted by Yukihyo

In adittion to the Totem issues I mentioned earlier I think the spec itself is fairly smooth working.
The only issue I have with Enhancement, personally, is the reset mechanics on Stormstrike.

How is this ok? We've become even more RNG dependent and if you are unlucky you just have nothing to press and no maelstrom. I don't get how people can defend this playstyle as it's only somewhat engaging when you have procc streaks.

Another problem with RNG are you cd's, if you line up wolves, the shield overcharge buff, forcefull winds and then get the wrong wolves or no Stormbringer procs you lost your entire burst, there is so much that can go wrong. This is enormously frustrating and just plain bad design..

A hotfix that gives us more haste is the only 'temporary' solution I see but this needs to be addressed ASAP..
Well Enhancement shaman is so far not bad. Deals allot more dmg then elemental can do. While elemental shaman is so far only burst dmg in dungeons HC and normal so far which i don't take as any measure for DPS. Lava burst doesn't proc so often that you can use it as reliable source of damage . Flame shock is now pretty much single target dot , and Earthshock is like "let's hope its gonna be a 20K crit" . So far for Dungeon boss fights totem mastery seems to be viable again as burst dmg and tats every 3 min or 2.5 . While elemental is really fun to play , it needs definitely some updates and more procs. Atleast make Lava burst reliable source of damage . It deals 1k more than storm bolt. that's funny. When you compare Disc priest who has 30% dmg reduction, high dps, high heals you ask yourself what the hell is blizzard thinking. If they thinking at all
18/09/2018 19:31Posted by Ajdin
Well Enhancement shaman is so far not bad. Deals allot more dmg then elemental can do.

Enhance is very strong indeed at 300-320, but because it's so RNG based it scales poorly with gear, and it becomes relatively weaker than other specs the further up the gear ladder you climb. In the sims, ele rises 4 places in the DPS rankings between 340 and 385; enhance falls 4 places. The two specs are pretty much equal by 390 stat levels, after which ele starts to pull ahead and enhance continues to fall behind even broken specs like Shadow Priest and fire mage.

Enhance is also broken, it's just the way in which it's broken made it appear quite powerful at low gear levels.

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